Dreaming About Amazon Jungle Tours?

Rumble in the jungle

The duration of Amazon Jungle Tours typically varies from 2 to 6 days depending on your starting point. If you start from Manaus in the Northern part of Brazil and want the full experience, then 5 days will be the best option for you. Within these 5 days you will get to explore the mystery of the Amazon jungle while sleeping in a jungle lodge, at a local family's house and going camping. The best thing about sleeping in the jungle is that you get to experience the diverse wildlife at close range both at night and during the day. When going on Amazon Jungle Tours you can go on a canoe trip, where you can fish for piranha and look for pink river dolphins. Also viewing large Caimans can be a possibility while staying at the lodge in the jungle. Trekking the jungle will give you an authentic feeling, being surrounded by spiders, monkeys and beautiful nature. But Amazon Jungle Tours are not just about trekking – you will also learn some survival techniques, which can help you in the tropical challenging forest. Tomorrowmore you will be taught about flora and fauna and the unique way of living when visiting a local family in Caboclo Village, where you also get to spend the night. Spearing fish for dinner and sleeping in a hammock in the jungle is also possible when going on Amazon Jungle Tours. All in all spending 5 days in the jungle can help you to understand nature, living in harmony with your surroundings and cherishing a unique experience that can not be compared to anything else.

When to go?

There is no specific time when it is better to go on Amazon Jungle Tours. It simply just depends on what you want to see, and then choose the season you prefer, as both the dry and the wet seasons has advantages. The wet season runs from mid-December to mid-May and the dry season runs from June to December.

Back to when it all started

The Amazon state became a state of the Brazilian Republic in 1889 and is named after the Amazon River. The state is mostly tropical jungle and a lot of the cities along the rivers are only accessible by boat or plane. The capital city in the state of Amazon is named Manaus and is the largest city in the state. The city holds 1.7 million residents and it is located in the middle of the jungle. One of the largest tourist attractions in Brazil is the Amazon jungle and a lot of travelers go on Amazon Jungle Tours when traveling to Brazil or the surrounding countries. You can also access the Amazon rainforest from Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

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Top Tips for Going to the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is known as the lungs of the Earth and along with the Congo and New Guinea is one of the last tropical wildernesses touched by human hands. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest container of wildlife on our planet and is home to many exotic species you may have seen in film or television.

Tourism in the Amazon region has slowly been growing but is still in its infancy. After a shaky start, tourism is now recognized as a means to help conserve the rainforests (if properly managed) and offers an alternate source of revenue for local communities to destructive activities such as logging. In fact, some authors have labeled logging in these places as 'destroying the goose that lays the golden egg', as once the forest is destroyed it will take 100 years or over to restore the level of diversity (dependent on proximate of near pristine forest ). It is the incredible diversity that draws Amazon Rainforest tourists.

There are many tours in the Amazon Rainforest to choose from. However, only a fraction offer the level of service and comfort that we have grown to expect from the tourism industry in combination with exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities and an environmental awareness.

Some of the tours to look out for in the Amazon Rainforest that receive constant and stable positive feedback are what the following paragraphs are about. I will start with Iquitos in northern Peru, the western Amazon Rainforest.

Near Iquitos, the most recommended lodge is the Tahuayo Lodge in the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve located 150 km down the Amazon River from the city itself. The Tahuayo Lodge offers private guides, a canopy zipline, and the most extensive list of itinerary options in the Amazon. One of the reasons for the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve establishment was to protect a rather unusual looking monkey named the Uakari.

For cruises near Iquitos city, the pick of the crop are the Delfin I and the Delfin II. The Delfin I is a luxury cruise where you can relax in your personal spa while watching the rainforest gently pass your bedroom. Both the Delfin I and Delfin II offer a comfortable way to explore the flood tropical habitat of the famous Pacaya Samiria National Park.

If you venture to the eastern Amazon side of the Amazon Rainforest you can consider basing yourself in the city of Manaus, Brazil, where you can take an expedition cruise aboard the 7 day Tucano Amazon Cruise or the 5 day Tucano Jungle Cruise. You will leave the vessel at key points in the forest to explore Amazon plants and animals with a professional guide.

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Take an Adventure Vacation to the Amazon

One of the most exciting travel destinations is a visit to the Amazon jungle of South America. It doesn’t matter which end you choose, it will be an experience of a lifetime. You can find many different packages available for fun and adventure, and here are just a couple of different ways you can visit this exotic and remarkable place.

Starting on the Eastern side, the 8 day 7 night Rio de Janeiro and Amazon Jungle tour offers tourists a once in a lifetime adventure. They offer this package for $1925, per person, double occupancy, and here is all the highlights that are included with this deal. First of all, you get to stay in three exciting hotels, including the Amazon Eco Park, a Treehouse resort at the top of the Amazon Rainforest. You get to stay here for three full nights and while there you get to experience piranha fishing, jungle walks, a visit to a real Amazon village, including the Caboclo family. You will get to experience an Amazon sunrise, even visit the Christ the Redeemer statue, Corcovado, just to name a few.

On the Western end of this exciting jungle, you can combine an Amazon Riverboat Cruise, with a trip to Cuzco and Machu Picchu in one package. Lodging on the river boat, as well as in Cuzco is included. You ca also pick from 4-7 day packages, and either pick from one of the cruise companies many different itinerary plans, or even customize your own. These packages start at around $1,500 depending on the length of your tour.

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Options Available for Amazon Jungle Tours

There are many ways to take advantage of Amazon Jungle Tours. You may choose to combine the trips with other sightseeing expeditions depending on which country you choose to visit. The Jungle spans 9 countries and is more than 5 million square kilometers. The largest portion of it is in Brazil and this is probably why most people think of Brazil when then the Amazon Jungle is mentioned.

Countries to Visit

When taking this type of tour, there are three countries that are considered ideal for this trip. These countries are Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. Even though Brazil holds the largest portion of the rain forest, not everyone would needlessly want to go there. Brazil is the best option when you want to go deep into the Rainforest and explore everything it has to offer. They have many options for the survival jungle experience, where as a tourist you get trained on how to survive in the jungle and find your own food. There are also opportunities to interact with the remote tribes that live in that jungle. The trip may not be suitable for someone who is on a budget, but is unforgivable lifetime experience.

The Rain forest Experience

If your trip to the rain forest will also be coupled with Galapagos trips, then you will have to travel through Ecuador. You can also go to the rain forest, but it is not advisable to go independently without a guide or a group of people. There are many activities you could take part in. It is one of the best places to visit if you want to do some serious bird watching.

Some lodges located in the rain forest will also organize special hiking expeditions as well as biking and the jungle experience that is often popular with some of the tourists visiting the rain forest. Going there by bus is one of the cheapest and the most viable options. It can take between 5 and 7 hours to get to the rain forest. You should consider and independent bus tour to make the most of this and the Galapagos trips that you may have planned afterwards.

The Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon Jungle tours are great if you want to combine it with a visit to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. This is an interesting city that was built on top of a hill hundreds of years ago and remained hidden from the Spanish invaders and the rest of the civilized world until it was discovered in the 20th century. The Peruvian trip presents more diverse for trekking and visiting these archaeological sights. You may also take a train, bus or hike to the location before taking an independent bus for the Amazon jungle tours.

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