Walking Tour Of Vancouver Island Nanoose Bay, Qualicum CheeseWorks, Qualicum Beach Walking Tour

Walking Tour Of Vancouver Island – Nanoose Bay, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, Qualicum Beach Walking Tour

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Sites To Sea brings you a virtual 4k walking tour of Vancouver island, Canada. I start the tour in Nanoose bay, filming my dads yard in 4k UHD as it s full of flowers and vegetables in August. Nanoose bay is situated between Nanaimo and Parksville on the east coast of Vancouver island, BC, Canada.
From there we travel shortly in the car down the street to and do a walking tour of the little Qualicum Cheese Works farm on Vancouver island, BC. Qualicum Cheeseworks farms is situated just outside of the city of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada. Walking around the farm we get a glimpse of the world of dairy farmers. I was surprised to learn that they have a robotic milking machine that does the milking of the cows. Vancouver island still offering surprises on my 4k walking tours.
Beside the cows I found a giant pit of shit! good fertilizer I guess. We also see some horses, chickens and rabbits too!There is lot’s to see and do on a tour of the little Qualicum Cheeseworks Farm.
Then we go into the little shop they have set up on the farm. Inside its full of artisan products and …cheese! I have found these cheeses in other stores around Vancouver island, but never the variety that I saw there. Heading out we toured and had to try the fresh milk machine, each having had a sample of fresh milk. It tasted like…. milk! A little creamier than I’m used to (I don t actually drink milk) but still very milky.
From there, we go from the Qualicum cheese farm to take a 4k UHD tour of Qualicum beach. A beautiful area on Vancouver island, it makes the rest of Canada jealous! I don t tour too much around the beach strip, but you do get a good idea of how beautiful it is and how clear the water is. the water temperature was a lot more enjoyable then the waters in around Victoria, Canada (home). I assume because it s the east coast of the island and that the water warms up significantly more then on the west side of the island that s exposed to the open ocean. If you’re traveling and visiting Vancouver island, Canada and decide to do a tour of Qualicum beach, make sure to bring your swimming suit! A mistake I was sad to have made. I would have enjoyed being able to go downtown in Qualicum beach to film what it was like. Another time perhaps, Vancouver island still hold some secrets to be explored on a 4k walking tour.
Victoria British Columbia is where I call home, but I do virtual walking tours from all over the island. the scenery here in Nanoose bay, Canada, on the east coast of the island has enough content for a channel in and of itself, and I don’t feel I was able to really do it justice with just this one video, so there will be more 4k virtual UHD tours to follow of Nanoose bay, Canada.
This 4k virtual walking tour of Vancouver island Canada was shot on a Sony handy-cam. It shoots in UHD 4k and does a wonderful job of stabilizing the shot when you are in motion. If you like doing walking tours, I highly recommend this camera. It’s not going to break the bank and you get a lot of bang for your buck.
From the beach we go to the local fish market by the pier in Qualicum Beach. The ladies there were very bitchy, (not typical for Vancouver island) so I didn’t even bother trying to go in. However I did get some nice UHD 4k shots of the ocean while I did some walks around the parking lot. Another really beautiful breathtaking area to tour around or even just park and sit. So many beautiful things to look at and, walk around and see. You can even go for a splash if you’re feeling adventurous.
Last on the trip we head to French Creek Pub for some lunch. I filmed a bit there, however there was no trail for me to go on for a 4k uhd walking tour. Park your car and the scenic the view is there!

Walking Tour Of Vancouver Island – Nanoose Bay, Qualicum Cheese Works, Qualicum Beach Walking Tour


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Vancouver, Canada – 4K Virtual Walking Tour Around the City

Video from: Vancouver, Canada, North America
Resolution: 4K
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Take a virtual walking tour through Vancouver. You will see Vancouver Waterfront, Village Dock, Telus world of science, Canada Place, Voyage Plaza, Coal Harbour, the Canadian Trail, Water Street, etc. Enjoy the spectacular Vancouver’s skyline. Take a look at the night city lights and relax!

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Vancouver – British Columbia – Canada – Walking tour in vancouver city

Vancouver is a coastal seaport city in canada, located in the lower mainland region of british columbia. As the most populous city in the province, the 2016 census recorded 631486 people in the city, up from 603502 in 2011. The greater vancouver area had a population of 2463431 in 2016, making it the third largest metropolitan area in canada. Vancouver has the highest population density in canada with over 5400 people per square kilometre. With over 250000 residents, vancouver is the fourth most densely populated city in north america behind new york city, san francisco, and mexico City according to the 2011 census. In that census, vancouver was one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in canada, 52% of its residents have a first language other than english. Vancouver is classed as a beta global city.


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After returning from the US to Canada, the last thing that any citizen of Vancouver would like to see finally happened – the loss of ice hockey finale and riots broke out in the City Centre.