West Coast Trail Run in One Day Tour – Pacific Rim Trail Vancouver Island Documentary

Two Ultra Marathon Runners, Kerry Ward and Pat Malavi take on the legendary West Coast Trail in a one day flash. Starting from the south end and heading north, it was a beautiful day for the attempt. Conditions were warm, but close to optimal for this legendary mud-bog of a trail. This video shows highlights from the experience including, a dark canoe trip at the start, whale sightings, cable car crossing, trail bear, a dead alien life form, lots of ladders, shipwrecks, water filter woes and an encounter with an incredible aqua-man who emerged from the sea. If you are considering taking this trail on as a one day run or multi-day experience, this video will show you what you may expect to encounter.

Also, FYI, for people considering doing this in one day this is NOT an easy run. I think by eliminating the need for large packs containing sleeping bags, tents, clothing, etc., the trip is easier. Nearly every hiker we encounted did a bit of a confused double take as they processed our ‘lack of pack’. Our answer to their question, ‘How many days?” always provoked a response (100% positive, BTW) when we said, “One”.

Prior to this run, both Pat and I had done heavy ultra marathon training. Both of us have undertaken runs significantly longer than the WCT, so we were confident in our ablility to cover the distance. If you have not run multiple 50+ mile events, I wouldn’t consider doing this trail in a single day. If you have plenty of ultra experience under your belt, game on. The logistics are the critical thing to get right. There are no exit points other than the top and bottom of the trail once you’ve committed.