Find the Best Roofing Company

I live in Vancouver, WA and know how hard it is to find a decent contractor to work on your house. They all seem genuine first and they all promise you the world. Unfortunately there are a few that actually deliver on these promises.

Roofing contractors are no exception and need to do your due diligence to be able to weed out the good ones from the bad ones.

The roof is an important component of any home. This is your main barrier of many of the elements found outside. If you have a leaky roof you could find yourself placing lots of pots and pans throughout your house to catch the water. If your roof gets really bad you also risk it caving in at one point.

Luckily if a roof is constructed the right way it will last for several decades. There are even some roofs that are both so good they can last for half a century.

Finding a dependable roofing company in Vancouver Washington and you need this type of work done is of the utmost importance. You want someone who's going to give you a fair bid, do the job in a timely manner, and use standard or above average materials.

This is the goal you just have to fine a roof for an area who is willing and able to do it.

Here are some things that I personally would look for and will apply for not only Vancouver, WA but every area in the country:

I first like to start with referrals. I know I am not the only one who has a home and I want to ask other people their opinion but had roofing work done before me. Friends, family members, coworkers, acquaintances, and other people you know will usually not steer you wrong. They can use a direct you to a person who has done a great job for them. Unless a person does not like you they were usually not recommend a roofing company in Vancouver WA who has done shoddy work.

Next, you want to get at least three estimates. Roofing work is expensive by nature and you want a contractor who is going to give you a fair and reasonable price. Keep in mind even a fair and reasonable quote will be high. Understand as well that roofing contractors pay some of the highest insurance rates out of any industry in the nation. Because the work done roofing companies workers compensation rates are about five times higher than other like businesses. It is not out of the ordinary for this type of company to pay $ 30 in workers compensation premiums for every hundred dollars they pay out in payroll. These costs have to be passed on to the consumer. So, when you get a bid from a roofer understand that at least 30 to 40% of what he's charging you is just to cover administrative and insurance costs. A person who submits to you and extremely low bid is probably uninsured were not insured at all.

Everything should be written on the contract. This includes the materials to be used in your home and the time it will take to install them. Do not leave anything as a verbal agreement. You need to be able to accurately assess what you were getting for the price you're paying and make an informed decision. When the estimators come they will try to bait you into signing something right away. Do not do it. You need three estimates, side by side on your table, and you need to take the time to read them each carefully including the fine print.

Finally, check on a Vancouver WA's roofing companies experience and reputation. You want them to have enough experience to be able to do the job. Optimally, you want a business that has been around the block and nothing can surprise them. If they have been around for at least five years they will have a reputation of either doing great work are being con artists. Some of the best people to ask our local contractors. Even if it's their competitor a business owner were usually not talk bad about another company unless he really feels he does care terrible work. You can also ask roofing suppliers who they think is the best. They work with hundreds a roofer's every month and are in a great position to give you inside information.

These are the three items I would look for when choosing my roofing contractor. I am picky about the people I choose to do business with and you should be picky as well. You cannot depend on a businesses yellow page ad to tell you what they are about. Every company says of their the best. Roofing companies are no exception and sometimes accompany what the largest phone book ad of the biggest crooks.

Do your homework and you should be able to find a decent Vancouver WA roofing business. Take your time and do not let anyone rush you. Go with your gut and do not spend your money with anyone you feel uncomfortable with

Source by Wesley A Barras

Find The Best Chicago Wedding Limo Company

Chicago, also known as "The Windy City" is a place to visit. There are numerous things to do and see in this nod of culture, business and entertainment. The Windy city offers great experiences for all visitors from beautiful panoramas, luxury shopping, Chicago style dining to flawless transportation service. Chicago is home for multiple events, concerts, sporting games and festivals. Beside the sightseeing, you will always be able to find public events that will suite your taste.

Those that decide to have their wedding in this magnificent city, should consider the numerous places of interest to explore with a limousine. They include going to Chicago's botanical garden, seeing Adler planetarium, visiting Navy Pier, take pictures at Millenium park, explore museums and have a reception at one of the luxury hotels located in the heart of the city.

To have your wedding in Chicago is a true blessing. The city is so big and offers so many things to do that you will be overwhelmed. Variety of places for the reception ranges from small banquet halls in suburbs to large halls in Chicago loop area. If your favorite church or chapel is in one area, and the reception is in the other site of the city, consider renting a limousine to transfer the party to those different locations. On the way you also can visit you chosen parks to take pictures or just go through Chicago downtown for stunning panoramas.

When renting a wedding limousine in the Windy city, you should know there is a big competition. You should look for a company that offers great quality service, are responsive, professional and flexible. Do not forget to check out the value they offer for the price you pay. Try calling around for quotes, type of service and pictures. If you do not trust pictures, set several appointments to check out the limousines yourself. It is a good idea to look in the internet for the reviews in wedding oriented websites. You can also ask around couples that have recently married what limo companies they booked.

Before you sign a contract, make sure to read all the terms of conditions and privacy policy. Also, check if all the details are included into the contract. It should include date, time, duration of the trip. Have the addresses of the pick up, church and the reception in the contract too. It should also be clear how much you have to pay and what are the additional fees. Good luck searching for the best wedding limo company in Chicago!

Source by Wiliam G. Johnson

How to Get a Lifetime Ban From a Rental Car Company

Okay so, in my life I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, and I’ve probably stated more hotel rooms than 95% of the population. Indeed, I’ve traveled to more cities than 99% of the population, and I’ve also been banned from more rental car agencies that I care to remember. Why you ask? Because in my company I put far too many miles on rental cars, no, it’s not because I’m afraid to fly, I’m actually a pilot, it’s because I am a retired franchisor, and would when building my company drive from city to city, and I didn’t take airliners that much because I had too many stops along the way.

I can remember one time I rented a car in Georgia, and I put 48,000 miles on it in five weeks. In fact, I rented the car for $260 per week. You can imagine when I brought the car back how shocked they were, and angry, and how they wanted to ding my credit card for $10,000 more. However, I made them stick to the $260 per week, and I told them that was the deal, that’s what I signed up for, and it wasn’t my fault that I ran their car passed 26,000 miles, which is generally the point where they trade the car in because they have a deal with the auto auction.

You can understand that obviously putting nearly 50,000 miles on an automobile in five weeks and running out half of its useful life and only paying 1200+ dollars cost the auto rental company a ton of money. They lost, and I won, but that was the deal. Indeed they felt as if I took advantage of them, and I was banned for life from ever renting a car from that company again. Over the years similar scenarios, although not as many miles, had occurred. I am currently banned by four different auto rental car companies, for my lifetime.

You might laugh, but this is not very funny because auto rental car agencies and brand names often merge, and there aren’t as many as there were before, so there are now only a few that I can rent from. Suffice it to say I’d recommend that you try not to take advantage of the Rent-A-Car companies, but still get the best deal for yourself.

Otherwise you are liable to get yourself also banned from the Rent-A-Car companies, and that might hurt your ability to travel in the future. Indeed, I’ve been to some airports where three quarters of the Rent-A-Car companies were out of cars, and the only company that had a car left, well it was one that I’d already been banned from renting at. Perhaps you will please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

Which Costa Rican Car Company Is Best?

Renting a Car in Costa Rica? Which company should you choose?

There are so many rent-a-car companies to choose from in Costa Rica – from the large international firms to the smaller national agencies. Reviews on the internet invariably either damn or sing the praises of each company to the extent of being almost useless. So how do you choose the best place to hire a car for your trip?

Many tourists that rent vehicles in Costa Rica complain that they have been ripped off when they realize the extra cost of insurance they are obliged to pay or that they have been charged a dollar rate that reflected the currency rate and not the quoted rate. Understanding the insurance laws and charges that bind the Costa Rican car rental companies may help you to ask the right questions when you are reserving your vehicle and avoid a nasty shock upon arrival. If a company is not upfront about its additional costs; you may wish to consider whether it is a company that you choose to take your business to.

I have worked within the tourism industry in Costa Rica for the last six years and have lived here since 2000. I am familiar with the feelings that many visitors to the country experience when dealing with rent-a-car companies. These can range from delight to discomfort to outright fury; sometimes due to the inefficiency, or even dishonesty of the rental agency, but also due to the renter’s lack of understanding of the legally binding restrictions within which Costa Rican car rental firms must work. I hope that while this article won’t guarantee you trouble-free vehicle rental; it might make you a more knowledgeable customer.

Insurance needs, additional costs in rental and surcharges are considered in more detail below:


Basic insurance is mandatory. Costa Rican law is very clear on this and your rental car company cannot allow you to leave with their car without having agreed to pay it. Expect to pay somewhere between $9 and $20 per day on top of your car rental rate. An honest, car rental agency will make this very clear in their pricing. If it is not clear whether the insurance is included in the rental cost; ask for clarification and be aware of other potentially unstated costs.

Check whether your insurance policy covers you to drive in Costa Rica. Some policies include Collision Damage Waivers and will cover Central America. If you are covered, bring proof (in writing) for your vehicle rental company. If not, consider whether you would be safer to pay the extra cost of this additional coverage. This part is not mandatory.

Zero liability is offered by rent-a-car companies. You may wish to consider whether you would feel more at ease knowing that you would not be liable for any costs should something occur while you are renting their vehicle. You are not obliged to buy this supplemental insurance.

Additional Fees:

Many car rental companies will charge additional fees for a child/baby seat, an additional driver, luggage racks or cooler. You can expect to pay up to $8 daily for each of these extras. Although by shopping around, you can find companies that will offer some or all for a lower price, or even free.

With Costa Rican roads being notoriously poorly signposted and the whole country operating on an address system based on landmarks rather than road names or numbers, a GPS is essential for many car renters. You will usually pay between $8 and $15 a day for this service. It is fairly common practice to allow renters to use one of their cell phones for the duration, but if you wish to use it for your own calls; you’ll obviously be charged.


Some rental car companies incorporate taxes and additional fees into their rental cost; others don’t. Make sure you know what you will be charged for on top of your rental fee. Airport fees can be charged at 13% of your rental cost which is a sizable fee to pay in addition to an agreed rental charge. You may also be charged a license plate charge, environmental fee and/or any other charge that the rental car company has to meet (or pocket).

Prices for the rental will be given in US dollars, but as the local currency is colones, you should understand that exchange rates change daily and what you are charged on your credit card on the day of payment may vary slightly from what you were quoted.

Criteria for Rating Car Rental Companies:

For this article, three (3) main points were considered for each company:

1) Value: Is the rental rate competitive?

2) Efficiency: How fast do they respond to the needs of the client?

3) Transparency: How clear is the information provided by the company?

You may have your own criteria, but based on complaints from previous customers on community websites like Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, etc., the requirements of those clients seemed mainly based around these three basic areas.

The companies surveyed below are a mix of local and international firms. Each company was researched based on a week’s rental of a Daihutsu Bego with mandatory insurance.

Dollar Rent-A-Car:


– $300+ USD.

– Extras are at average prices.


– They have 3 offices nationwide.

– Email inquiry returned within 24 hours.


– The prices for rental vehicles are displayed on site but a side box contains a ‘Daily RA’ with dollar amount. This is the mandatory insurance.

– Reservation price is listed as ‘Base rate’ and doesn’t include insurance.

– Dollar has received mixed reviews in sites such as Trip Advisor.

– A toll-free number is available.

Vamos Rent-A-Car:


– $300+ USD.

– Only GPS and cell phone use are charged. All other extras such as child seats are free.


– They have 3 offices nationwide.

– Email inquiry returned within an hour.


– The website clearly states prices and insurance.

– Toll-free number and live chat are provided.

Wild Rider:


– $300+ USD.

– Additional driver is free.


– Email inquiry returned within 2 hours.


– Prices are displayed very clearly onsite and include insurance.

– The company has almost 100% positive reviews, but with a fleet of only 30 vehicles and one central office; it may be difficult to help clients who are in difficulty outside the capital.

– They cannot provide a vehicle for the Liberia airport, just San Jose.



– $400+ USD.

– Extra charges for baby seat, additional driver etc.


– The company has 9 offices nationwide.


– No prices displayed with vehicles information.

– Budget has received mixed reviews.

– Surprisingly for a large company, it provides no live chat or toll-free number for clients in the USA.

Service Car Rental:


– $400+ USD including mandatory insurance and taxes.

– Extras such as additional driver and child seat are charged, but at cheaper rates than most companies.


– The company has 5 offices nationwide.

– Email inquiry returned within an hour.


– Their rates are clearly shown on site.

– Service has received mainly positive reviews.

National Car Rental:


– $400+ USD.

– Extras are priced a little above average.


– They have 23 office locations, although some are Alamo.


– Price estimates online do not include insurance or additional charges; however, they are displayed in the full quotation.

– They have received mixed reviews.

– Both live chat and a toll-free number are provided.

Economy Rent-A-Car:


– $200+ USD, but it seems possible to reserve a vehicle without inclusion of any insurance.

– Extras are average in price.


– They have 12 offices nationwide.

– Email inquiry returned within an hour, but email inquiring about insurance was not returned.


– Website does not make mandatory insurance clear.

– Economy has numerous negative reviews.

– Both live chat and toll-free number are provided.

Hertz Costa Rica:


– $400+ USD, but actual rental price is not made clear.

– Extras are pricey.


– 6 offices nationwide.

– No contact email.

– Telephone numbers are available for different offices around the country.


– Very confusing quotation system. Two rates are offered for a vehicle and chosen dates. The cheaper option does not include mandatory insurance and it is in very small print under the final quotation price. The more expensive option includes non-mandatory insurance along with mandatory.

– Mixed reviews.

– Both live chat and toll-free number are provided.

Adobe Rent-A-Car:


– $400+ USD.

– Extras are at low prices.


– The company has 9 offices nationwide.


– Online estimate includes insurance.

– Adobe has received mixed reviews.

– A toll-free number is provided.

Tricolor Car Rental:


– $300+ USD.

– No charge for pick-up or airport fees.

– Extras aren’t listed or provided in quotation email, although cell phone price is given.


– 3 offices nationwide.

– Email returned within 2 hours.


– Website is not very user friendly.

– Reviews are mixed.

– Toll-free number is provided.

Finalizing the Three Criteria:

Economy, at first, appear to be the cheapest company to rent from, but unfortunately this is due to their failure to declare all costs incurred by the renter, rather than a genuine, good deal. For real value, Dollar, Vamos, Wild Rider and Tricolor come out on top for competitive pricing for the basic rental fee, plus mandatory insurance. Vamos is noticed for being the only firm that does not charge for extras such as a child seat or surcharges. Adobe and Service have low cost extras, whereas Hertz has the most expensive rates for extras. Wild Rider does not charge for an additional driver.

Only Economy failed to respond to email inquiry. All other companies responded quickly and with clear answers to inquiries. Wild Rider, as the smallest firm, cannot offer nationwide service, but reviews suggest that they have met customer needs to date. All other companies can offer services from offices in locations outside of the capital city — increasing their ability to serve clients effectively.

Adobe, Wild Rider, Vamos and Service have websites that clearly show rental prices and insurance. Economy and Hertz somehow seems to be deliberately misleading on their websites. The other companies’ websites provide the required information – even if it can take some time in hunting it down.


This brief survey would suggest that Vamos, Service, Tricolor and Wild Rider would be the best companies to begin your rental research, whereas Economy would be best to avoid.

Now you know as much as I do! The information here is supposed to be your starting point and not the end point. Hopefully, you will know the right questions to ask when you’re looking for a rental vehicle to ensure that your dream vacation begins smoothly without any nasty shocks, like hefty extra charges when you land. Enjoy the drive!

Source by Sara P Ford