Edvard Munch – An Expressionist Experience of the Art World

Born on December 12, 1863 in Loieten, Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter and a graphic artist. His family moved to Oslo (Kristiania) in 1864 and it was here that Edvard Munch started his art training. His father, Christian Munch was a military doctor and an ardent follower of Christianity.

Edvard Munch (not Edward Munch) enrolled in Technical College for an engineering degree in 1879; However, his recurrent illness prevented him from completing his degree. A year later, in his endeavor to become an artist, he joined the Royal School of Art and Design, Kristiania (now Oslo). His art and thoughts were greatly influenced by the writer Hans Jaeger, who was the leader of the controversial group, called 'Christiania's Bohemia.' Jaeger was a believer of free love and of a non-materialistic society.

Beginning with Impressionism and Naturalism, Munch graduated to a Symbolist and Expressionist art form. His early and one of the most popular paintings, 'Sick Child' (1886) and 'The Scream' (1893), illustrate his childhood ordeal of losing his mother in 1868 and sister in 1877 to tuberculosis at a young age. The 'Sick Child' used a popular theme amongst the Norwegian pragmatist artists, served as a tribute to his sister. Munch's paintings used the artistic expressions in a manner, which allowed audiences to interpret the content in their own way.

In 1889, Edvard joined the Bonnat School of Arts in Paris and held an exhibition of over a hundred works at the Student Organization in Christiania. After his father's death in 1889, Munch took up to heavy drinking and moved back to Norway. Berlin Artists' Association invited him in 1892 to exhibit his paintings. However, Munch found his paintings in the midst of a controversy, commonly referred as "The Munch Affair," forcing the exhibition to shut down in a week's time. He used this publicity to his advantage by organizing other exhibitions and selling his paintings in other towns.

The following year, Edvard Munch joined the international circle of writers, critics, and artists including Ola Hannson, Richard Dehmal, Holger Drachmann, Gunnar Heiberg, and August Strinberg. He painted a series of painting depicting love, anxiety, and death, which were coined as 'Frieze of Life.' To ensure that his painting got a large audience, he started making prints, the designs of which were mostly taken from Frieze. 'The Scream,' perhaps his most popular work to date, has been inferred to represent the angst of modern man.

He maintained that, "in my art I attempt to explain life and its meaning to myself." After having suffered a nervous breakdown in 1908, requiring electrical shock and the months of recovery time, he became a teetotaler and rational. However, he had lost his edge but continued painting. Also to his credit, he composed a prose poem titled 'Alpha and Omega' (1909), through lithograph illustrations. By the time he died at the age of 81 on January 23, 1944, he left behind thousands of paintings and prints for the world to cherish.

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The Georgia Aquarium – An Amazing Underwater Experience

If a one of a kind underwater experience is what you are after, then no trip to Georgia is complete without dropping by the Georgia Aquarium. This place is a haven of the world's largest collection of aquatic animals. A trip to this attraction is an experience you can compare to diving into Atlantis!

Being a unique attraction that has five galleries, the Georgia Aquarium is a must-see when you're near the skirts of Atlanta. Each of these galleries within the Aquarium houses hundreds of species of aquatic life ranging from sharks, whales, otters, and the tiniest beautiful and even odd looking fish you could ever imagine.

At the Georgia Aquarium, you're not just getting the chance to see these sea creatures swim in over eight million gallons of water, this Atlanta Tourist attraction also has a unique must sees such as the fourth dimension at Deepo's Undersea 3D Wondershow, Quick Dip Tours , and an exhibition called Titanic Aquatic. The Dip Tours are however subject to availability and it is recommended to purchase the advance booklet entry.

Additional facilities also include the Caf Aquaria food court; souvenir shops like the Beyond the Reef and Sand Dollars gift shops; a 1,600-car parking deck; and the venue is handicap accessible.

With its operations at 365 days a year, hundreds of guests daily visit the aquarium that opens from 10AM to 5PM Sundays to Thursdays, and 10AM to 6PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Regular tickets are $ 54.50 for adults and $ 44.50 for children.

Located at 225 Baker Street, NW, Atlanta City, the Georgia Aquarium is on top the list of Atlanta attractions. Getting there can also be via bus or train. If by bus, you may take Toute 97 from of MARTA's five points. When traveling by train, hop on at the CNN Center MARTA stop on the East / West line; or you may take one from the Peachtree Center stop on the North / South line.

But convenience wise, you may opt to purchase trip passes or package tours from local tour operators. There are even some available packages that will go through all the Atlanta attractions.

Other top tourists' spots of the area include World of Coca-Cola, Zoo Atlanta, Inside CNN Atlanta, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the High Museum of Art, and the Atlanta History Center. Aside from the Georgia Aquarium, most tour operators include the first 4 of the enumerated attractions and have the remaining 3 places as optional alternatives in local tour passes or packages.

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Las Vegas Tours: Experience Four Landscapes in One Desert

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights and tantalizing nightclubs, and not to forget the infamous 3.5 mile strip, where you can peruse Italy, Paris, and Egypt all in one place. But there's much more to Las Vegas than what most tourists know. Vegas is still a desert, and many people visit "Sin City" every year to experience the quitter and more serene side of the state. A great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the strip is to go on a Las Vegas tour.

Which Las Vegas Tour to Choose?

There are so many tours to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one you want to go on. From the Grand Canyon to the Red Rock Canyon there is a tour that everyone will enjoy. With so much diversity in the desert, you want to experience it all. The Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston, and the Valley of Fire are the most popular tours in Las Vegas. It's really hard to believe that these beautiful landscapes are only a few miles away from each other. They are all beautiful and distinctive, and they all have a piece of history, which makes great stories for a tour guide to tell. For example, did you know the Hoover dam is the highest concrete dam in the western hemisphere? Or that Lake Mead is the 16th largest manmade lake in the world? These are fun facts you can find out when you go on a tour in Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon Natural conservatory is a local and tourist favorite. The beautiful crimson rocks will take your breath away. This is a great place if you love nature and wild life. Red Rock Canyon is home to over 200 mammals that include Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Coyotes, Bald Eagles and so much more. You can spot some of these animals while you're driving through the beautiful 13 mile scenic loop. Red Rock also has a myriad of hiking trails for you to explore.

Mount Charleston

Who says it does not snow in the Desert? Mount Charleston is a winter oasis for skiers and people who want to escape the desert heat. It's always 20-30 degrees cooler than Las Vegas. Mount Charleston is also a great for Hikers. You will be amazed when you discover that Mt. Charleston is full of waterfalls, forests, and wildflowers. Mt. Charleston is full of life where you may spot desert tortoise, deer, wild burros and more. It has over 200 campsites and over 160 picnic areas. Mt. Charleston is certainly a Las Vegas attraction that you do not want to pass up.

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is Nevada's First State Park. When in Vegas, visiting the Valley of Fire is a must do. Its 56,000 acres of pure beauty. You'll see the stunning formations that were formed over 150 million years ago. It's amazing what the power of nature can do, water and wind shaped the land into beautiful arches, spirals, domes, and serrated ridges. But, one of the most unique things about the Valley of Fire is how nature formed the rocks into shapes resembling beehives, ducks, people, elephants, and so much more. Some of the famous ones are Elephant Rock, Seven Sisters, and Balancing Rock.

One Las Vegas tour allows you to see it all

The beauty and diversity of all these places will make you forget that you are on a Las Vegas Tour. There are not too many tour companies in Las Vegas that offer an exclusive tour where you can see all these beautiful landscapes at once. There's one Las Vegas tour company that can take you on an 8 hour tour where you can experience all of these tours in one day. So, if you are interested in seeing the diversity of the land, you can visit this tour company and start your journey of history, beauty, and entertainment.

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Experience Maine with Coastal Kayaking Tours

Are you an avid kayaker? Do you love to travel? Are you searching for a way to experience sea kayaking while taking in the scenic views of the Eastern US coast? Then sea kayaking in Maine is right up your alley. Set your sites for the Maine. It has a striking coastline and waters sure to satisfy any kayaker.

Instead of arbitrarily dropping your kayak in the sea off of Maine's coast, take a moment to consider the services of Coastal Kayaking Tours. Located in Bar Harbor, Maine this outfitter provides guided sea kayaking tours. The company has been in the kayak business for over twenty years and promotes an atmosphere of fun and adventure.

Have you just started kayaking and are hesitant about paddling on the sea coast? Do not worry. Coastal Kayaking Tours provides kayak tours for kayakers of all levels. They have sunset and harbor trips as well as extended camping adventures. Looking for shooter trips? They have half day and full day trips available. Do you want to kayak with your family or are you planning a company retreat? Family and group kayaking tour packages are also offered. All kayaking levels and trip plans can be accommodated through Coastal Kayaking Tours.

Are you new to kayaking and need to purchase a kayak? Coastal Kayaking Tours sells used kayaks that are affordable and of high quality. You can also purchase other kayaking equipment such as life vests, paddles, and spray skirts.

Who runs the Coastal Kayaking Tours? Coastal Kayaking Tours employs several guides. These kayaking gurus have not only passed the Registered Maine Guide exam, but engage in extra classroom and water course training. They want to ensure a safe kayaking tour for all.

Where do the kayaking guides take you? You will paddle along Maine's gorgeous coast. They are located in Bar Harbor, Maine. This is at the mouth of Acadia National Park. Maine consist of approximately 3,000 islands to admire. Specifically, day trips paddle around Mount Desert Island. The Porcupine Islands of Frenchman's Bay and Blue Hill Bay may also be explored.

The kayaking tours sound wonderful, but many times the option to take such a vacation depends on the cost of the trip. You will find that Coastal Kayaking Tours offers affordable vacation packages. Half day tours currently run $ 45 per person, while full day tours are $ 69 per person. Two day camping trips are currently $ 249 per person. Shorter trips such as the Harbor and Sunset trips are a mere $ 36 per person.

Check out Coastal Kayaking Tours when planning your next kayaking vacation. The amazing coast of Maine awaits you. For more information on Coastal Kayaking Tours, go to their website at http://www.acadiafun.com/

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Bus Tours – How To Experience As Much As Possible

There is no doubt that there are many places which we can visit in order to take a vacation. The reasons for this decision of ours are many and different but the most common one of them is the desire to go away from the ordinary workday life. So in this sense if you are just about to make your journey, I think that I am here to help you with your choice. What I am trying to say is that, if you want to spend your money very well, I advise you to choose to travel by bus. Making this choice you will not regret even for a second, because this is not some definite quest to a terminate location; it is a splendid experience for you and your family.

As a matter of fact the best planned trip is the most important thing you are supposed to do. Precisely for that reason, you must consider everything without omitting any detail. For this purpose, the most important factor is the picking out a destination. To be frank, your choice must be considered with the people you are traveling with. It will be nice of you to respect each opinion. However, in the present days we are able to find solution and to indulge everyone, because the technologies are so advanced that we are able to find places, which will suit all possible and existing opinions. After that, you have to find out which tour operator will fit most perfectly your budget. The options are many, so you can find the best offer for you.

Consequently, you will already know what will be the place and with what you will spend the whole time. Virtually, you can go with the family, friends, wife, fiance, husband, or with whoever you want. Nonetheless, when all of these aspects are ready, you are only invited to get your luggage and necessary papers. Here, you must be ready to experience yourself as much as possible. I am saying that, this must be your motto during the amazing bus tour.

Occasionally, you will be on the bus, and your magnificent quest will consent. Indeed, the newest models of buses are quite convenient. You can enjoy the luxurious luxury and comfortable seats during your entire journey. The innovations, which are integrated in the buses, are music players as well as television screens. Is not it startling? This circumstance will attract even the most tremendous haters of the bus traveling. So after you start the movie, you can begin to delight the incredible and unforgivable traveling by bus. All in all, you just have stay on the seat and entertain the superior comfort of the bus.

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[TRAILER] DVD U2ie Tour Live from Vancouver (Multicam by Paulo Vetri)

Watch the trailer of the upcoming new fan to fan multicam U2 DVD Live from Vancouver, by iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE TOUR 2015. It’s a compilation with the best from both nights, may 14 and 15.



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An Experience to Remember-Massage Therapy Vancouver

Massage Therapy, Vancouver could be an essential part of alternative and complementary medicine for you.

Like the rest of us, you’ve surely had a headache at some point or another. And what do you automatically do when you have one? You rub your forehead even before you reach for that bottle of aspirin. Practically the same thing happens when you bang an elbow or a knee into something. It is as if you expect the pain to be magically rubbed away. And this is not surprising.

The conviction that if we rub it the pain will go away is ingrained in us. It is a reflex action born out of countless years of experience. In fact, this touching, feeling therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing practiced by man. Many Egyptian tombs bear witness to this fact in their paintings of massage therapy, as do several Chinese texts.

This simple act of rubbing or pressing, massaging, a part of your body in search of relief has developed into a scientific art. It is now looked upon as an essential part of alternative and complementary medicine. More than ever before it is now being heralded as standard treatment for a number of medical conditions, not all of them necessarily physical. Massages have also been proven beneficial in relief from pain, stress, anxiety, depression and much more.

Most salons or spas today offer a variety of massages under the skilled and knowledgeable hands of massage therapists and target various specific benefits. Are you looking for a massage that will ease and energize you? Go for the gentle Swedish massage, popular at any center of massage therapy. Breathe easy and relax as the kneading, long strokes and deep circular movements, the vibrations and tapping rejuvenate you.

Have you suffered an injury recently or not so recently, and does it still bother you? You can opt for a deep-tissue massage in which relief is brought to the connective tissues and deeper layers of muscle with slow, forceful strokes.

A sports massage, rather similar to a Swedish massage, works on treating and even preventing injuries.

Finally, a trigger point massage is geared toward dealing with the sensitive tight muscle fibers that develop in a person’s muscles as a result of overuse or injury.

Find all of these massages and more at salons offering massage therapy, Vancouver.

To each his own and once you have decided on the type of massage that suits you best or that you want, there are several things you can do to make your massage experience long-lasting and unforgettable.

Practically every salon or spa worth its name offers added attractions – the sauna, the steam room, immersion pools and zen gardens, and, lucky you- you can take advantage of them and do everything a la Cleopatra to feel as beautiful and sensuous as she.

Then take the experience home with you and extend it into your daily routine. Use the beauty and wonders of nature to absorb even further the mesmerizing experience you have just had and make the magic last longer.

When you have connected with nature, soak yourself in a long, hot bath with the works- aroma therapy, et al…

Top it off with a night cap and love yourself for gifting you the experience of a lifetime that you can have again and again and again.

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