How to Pick a Good Realtor

What will it take in terms of pricing and other factors that will cause your home to sell without giving it away? If you are in a falling market like as is the case in most of the country, then you’ll want to get ahead of the curve. By that I mean price your home a little below the best deal on the market and forget about what you thought your home was worth because, it’s not worth that anymore. If you are going to sell you must be willing to take what the market will pay. Does that make sense?

Now, to get this information I would recommend to find a Discount Broker. Yes, you read it right. The reason I say this is, it’s all about price. When you price it right it will sell no matter if the market is going straight down or straight up it’s always the same, the best priced homes always sell first.

Stay away from the big glitzy Brokers who tell you about all the fancy marketing they do to sell your home. It’s all bunk. That’s what they teach them to say in training courses and it’s all just a gimmick to get you to pay more commissions. Trust me on this. I’ve been selling homes for 20 years and I’m sick of all the gimmicks. I think it’s best to tell it like it is, is it not?

The way you call tell if you’ve got the right Broker or not is to pay attention to what they say. If they start talking about marketing or the size of their company or how many homes they’ve sold. Run!! Get out of there as soon as you can. Because the more slick and polished they are the more they’ll tell you anything you want to hear.

On the other hand if you find a Broker who only talks about price, then you have a good one. Simple as that. Remember the best priced homes always sell first. Why talk about anything else? Some Sellers have told me “I want aggressive marketing”, and I ask “How aggressive do you want me to be”? Because aggressive marketing means aggressive pricing. Does that make sense?

In conclusion, examine your needs and desires to sell. If you don’t have to sell then pick one of those slick salespeople and hope for the best. On the other hand if you absolutely have to sell you might as well accept the reality of the market place and get the job done as cheaply as you can.

Source by Wayne Erlenbusch

What Makes a Good Limousine Service?

When it comes to weddings, graduations, or any other special events in a person’s life, anyone would want it to be a memorable event. A good Vancouver limousine service will help you do just that: by providing the best transportation available to you, you can make sure that such life-changing events will be made as memorable as possible.

And for such express purposes, it would be best for you to select a limousine service that is able to meet your requirements, providing you with the best experience possible.

But what exactly makes a good Vancouver limousine service?

Luxury and Comfort – If there is one thing that Vancouver limousines are known for, it is for the luxurious creature comforts that they provide. The space confined within the limousine is akin to a hotel on wheels: everything from a mini-bar to carpeted surfaces to posh seats can be found inside. Some particularly luxurious models even have Jacuzzis in them!

Competence and Courtesy – The excellence of Vancouver limousine services is not simply limited to providing you the best ride that money can afford, but is extended even to the men behind the wheel. No matter how luxurious or comfortable a limousine is, it will be nothing without a competent and courteous chauffeur bringing you wherever you need to go. Guided by professional standards, a true chauffeur does not just bring you to your destination: he ensures you have the best possible time while doing so.

Image and Impact – One other advantage that limousines have is their ability to boost a person’s image and impact upon a particular situation. Alighting from a luxurious Vancouver limousine to the prom will definitely catch the eyes of your peers, while arriving to a corporate dinner in one of these will definitely impress both co-workers and bosses.

Honor and Prestige – The mere presence of a limousine is enough to lend an air of honor and prestige around it. Though technically a part of the image-enhancing effect a limousine bestows upon an individual, it is this air of dignified countenance that gives a limousine much of its special status in the first place. You can expect to command respect when you come in with one of these fine vehicles.

Privilege and Strength – Being able to ride in a limousine is in itself is both a sign of privilege and strength. Not just anyone can secure the resources necessary to avail of a limousine service, and it is this exclusivity that helps give that special something to a Vancouver limousine. This feeling of uniqueness and privilege would be hard to duplicate, even with more expensive vehicles like sports cars.

These benefits that a limousine provides are not so easily quantifiable into numbers and words. At best, one can only describe the benefits to be gained from riding in one.

The easiest way to understand why limousines are so special is to book a ride in a Vancouver Limo for you the next time you have a major event coming up, and experience firsthand what makes them so special.

Source by John Robert Kavanagh

The Hippy Gourmet Sustainable Vancouver BC Tour!

In this segment of the Hippy Gourmet TV Show we get a sneak-preview of some of the world’s most incredible organic, sustainable restaurants and chefs in Vancouver and Vancouver Island that we have full-length episodes coming from- as well as upcoming features we’re doing on British Columbia natural habitats, wildlife and worthy non-profit organizations!


Dealing With Road Rage – How to Cure Road Rage For Good

Road rage help is a good idea whenever the stress of driving to work and other tasks on your daily to do list becomes an anger filled ordeal for you and your family. Stop and go traffic can be frustrating on a good day. When it leads to aggressive driving patterns that risk your life and the lives of others or elevated blood pressure combined with angry outbursts then it is time to take action.

Road Rage in the Headlines

There have been many instances in recent years where road rage help before the problem became overwhelming would have been a wise course of action. Do not let the anger or feelings of frustration become too much for you to handle. The headlines generally only stress situations where road rage got out of hand and someone harmed other people as a result of that road rage.

The truth of the matter is that not getting the road rage help you need have a negative impact on your personal health. Stress is a leading cause of many health conditions that end lives early. Road rage help can help you fix the problem before it takes a toll on your health in addition to your mental well being.

Road Rage Help Prevents Health Related Problems From Arising

The following health related problems can often be triggered by seeking road rage help sooner rather than later:

  • Stress Related Obesity
  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Heartburn
  • Acid Reflux Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Headaches
  • Sexual Impotence
  • Infertility
  • Hair Loss
  • Premature Aging

That is just the short list of problems that can arise of you do not get the road rage help you need. If you think you might need road rage help now is the best time to get that help, before it takes a toll on every aspect of your life. If you are already feeling some of these effects, getting the road rage help and stress relief therapies you need can lead to the recovery of your good health without costly medical treatments.

NLP and Road Rage Help

Anger is a healthy fact of life. When that anger becomes a driving force in your life or leads to aggressive behavior it is time to find relief. Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP for short, can be the perfect tool for learning to manage that fury and find the road rage help you need in order to lead a healthier and more productive life. No day is going to go great when you begin the day driven by the fury of stop and go traffic. NLP teachers you how to let go of the anger of the moment and put your mind in control of the situation.

You may not be able to control the rate at which traffic flows or the responsibility of other drivers on the road but you can take back control of your reactions to these things. Are not you ready to stop feeling angry and get the road rage help you need?

Source by JJ Seymour

Characteristics of a Good Airport Transfers Service Provider

Airport transfers nowadays are truly much preferred by travelers because of the convenience that is being promised by this mode of transport. With the many benefits that can be achieved, it is must, to assure that you will be getting the most out of your deal.

An airport transfers must not only be good enough in sending off and picking up travelers to and from the airport and their destinations. The transport must also be in quality that would allow travelers to consume a just reward as to what they have paid. In this case, the service provider of this transport must be the one responsible in securing this. The services must satisfy the traveler’s company and not only be limited as a transportation escort.

The service must promote a welcoming presence for the travelers. They must feel reception throughout the transport. The chauffeur on the first place must be accommodating and friendly towards the travelers. In cases like when tourists are not familiar with the use of language, the chauffeur must know how to use the universal language. In this way, smooth flow of communication, which is very important, throughout the trip can be assured. On the other hand, even if the goal is to promote a friendly atmosphere, still the chauffeur must be aware of his actions not going beyond limitations and alleviating respect.

The vehicle that will be used in airport transfer is also important. The condition as to technical aspects must be secured in order to have a safe and convenient trip. The provider must check if the engines are in good terms as well as if the ride can accommodate the number of traveler. As an example is a taxi or a minicab which would be advisable only for few numbers of travelers since it cannot accommodate huge numbers of passengers. For a trip with many accompaniments, wide spaced vehicles would be suitable or either is depending on the number of seats required, which is definitely should not be a taxi or a minicab.

The service provider of airport transfer must also be legally accredited by proper authorities. This is to avoid tricks and threats on traveling. This is also for the sake of your piece of mind. You can look for reliable service provider in many ways such as through online but make sure that you are dealing with the right provider.

For wiser spending, look for service provider offering a good price that suits your budget. There are those who propose incentives and rewards upon availing their airport transfers. There are also those that are already included in the total expenditure of your trip. With this, you can still have a cozy and practical transport not mending with your budgetary issues.

If you are planning to have a trip and considering an airport transfers, you must keep in mind everything that was stated for you to consume your pay off properly and wisely.

Source by Julius Daviz Galvez