UK Cruises Set to Keep Growing in Popularity

UK cruise departures saw an increase of 10 percent in 2010 – and are set to grow even more in popularity. In fact, it's been predicted that 2012 is going to be the best year yet, as more and more people choose to sail from the convenience and ease of a UK cruise port.

According to the Passenger Shipping Association (PSA), a staggering 835,000 people will set sail from a UK port in 2012. This makes an increase of an impressive 28 per cent – and that's just over the last two years! And, if this increase was not enough, it's thought that UK cruises' popularity is set to grow even more.

With 20 departures ports in the United Kingdom, cruise popularity certainly comes as no surprise. Rather than catching a ship abroad, you simply sail directly from the UK – no airport involved. There's none of that hassle of having to lug heavy luggage around, no worry that your flight might be canceled or delayed nor is there the threat of the airline deciding to go on strike. Sailing to destinations like Russia, Scandinavia, the Norwegian Fjords, Iceland, the Mediterranean, America, Ireland and the coast of Britain, cruising from the UK offers a smooth sailing experience from start to finish.

The major cruise lines are well aware of the demand for UK cruises – and with many having launched large ships in the UK in the last few years; they all want a slice of this flourishing market. In April 2010, P & O launched the Azura – which has a guest capacity of 3,000 – in Southampton, the UK's largest cruise port. Cunard's Queen Elizabeth and Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Eclipse are also based in Southampton. Dover, the UK's second largest cruise port, has its fair share of cruise liners too, including Fred Olsen's Black Watch, Holland America's Eurodam and Saga's Saga pearl II.

The Cruise lines are more than confident that this popularity in UK departures will continue for the foreseeable future, with even more cruise ships set to be launched over the next couple of years. P & O Cruises will be launching the 3,611-passenger vessel – the largest in their fleet – from the UK in early 2012. The future's looking very bright indeed for UK cruises.

As well as sailings from the UK being taken after, cruises in general are a popular holiday choice with many. With all-inclusive fees, accommodation, entertainment and food all thrown in, a cruise holiday really does offer value for money. And, not forgetting the main selling point, the fact that you get to see a number of different places and attractions – all in one single trip. That's another great thing about UK cruises; you get to visit incredible destinations around the world – without the need to fly. It's an adventure of a lifetime – made easy.

With a great choice of ships and a selection of delightful destinies, is there any longer such a need to sail from anywhere else?

Source by Adam Beattie