Madrid, Spain Walking Tour (4k Ultra HD 60fps)

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We recorded this 4k ultra hd video during our trip to Madrid, Spain on July 2020.
Madrid is the capital and most-populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of about 6.5 million. It is the second-largest city in the European Union (EU), surpassed only by Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the second-largest in the EU, surpassed only by Paris. As the capital city of Spain, seat of government, residence of the Spanish monarch, Madrid is also the political, economic and cultural centre of the country.
Our guided walking tour is about 6.21 miles (10 km) long, starts at Sun Gate Square (Puerta del Sol), ends at El Retiro Park and covers most attractions and historic sites of Madrid.

Video Timeline Links:
00:00 – Madrid, Spain Walking Tour Intro
01:21 – Sun Gate Square (Puerta del Sol)
03:03 – Clock Tower of Sun Gate
08:17 – Main Square (Plaza Mayor)
09:21 – Bakery House
11:40 – San Miguel Market
14:47 – Isabel II Square
17:33 – Royal Theatre (Teatro Real)
20:20 – Oriente Square (Plaza de Oriente)
21:07 – Felipe IV Monument
22:46 – Royal Palace (Palacio Real)
26:44 – Almudena Cathedral
39:50 – Madrid Tower & Spain Building
41:17 – Great Way (Gran Vía)
48:46 – Callao Square
59:18 – Metropolis Building
1:03:36 – Cybele Square (Plaza de Cibeles)
1:04:33 – Cybele Fountain
1:05:43 – Cybele Palace (Palacio de Cibeles)
1:10:58 – Alcalá Gate (Puerta de Alcalá)
1:13:30 – The Retiro Park
1:20:04 – The Retiro Park Lake
1:22:34 – The Statue Walk
1:26:39 – Plaza Parterre
1:36:08 – Fountain of the Fallen Angel
1:38:28 – The Rose Garden
1:45:10 – Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal)
1:48:36 – Velázquez Palace
1:53:04 – Monument of Alfonso XII

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Vancouver (Canada) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Vancouver in Canada.
PLANET TERRA takes you to each corner of the planet and helps you to discover the world with fascinating destinations, beautiful locations, great sound and colorful scenery.

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Explore the Troodos Mountains on a Holiday to Cyprus

There is no better place to get back to nature than the spectacular Troodos Mountains in Cyprus.

Home to the island's highest peak – Mount Olympus, which rises to 1,952m – these mountains are the perfect place to explore the island's interior.

This beautiful region is thought to be more densely-wooded per square meter than Canada and the spectacular trees are lovingly cared for by the British-trained forestry department – thought to be the finest in the Mediterranean. If you're after a wilderness retreat, this is the perfect place for you.

Summers here are refreshingly cool and you may want to take advantage of the fresh mountain air to do some exploring on foot. There are plenty of nature walking trails and summer hikes you can enjoy in the Troodos Mountains – contact the Cyprus tourism office for a directory of the best ones to choose from. And if you make a wintertime visit to the mountains, you may find you are even able to ski on their snow-capped peaks.

Of course, you'll need somewhere to stay and luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation. Your options range from charming local inns to three and four-star hotels set in areas of stunning natural beauty. Or if you are more independently-minded or traveling with a larger group, you may wish to go the self-catering route and stay in a beautiful village house.

It is easiest to explore the mountains by car – especially if you want to cover a lot of ground during your travels. You may even want to make a stop in the Troodos Mountains part of a longer trip to Cyprus – there are plenty of other destinations on the island that are also well worth a visit. The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Foundation has published a number of excellent itineraries that allow you to pass through smaller villages and really capture the flavor of Cyprus – or alternatively, you could create a route and travel at your own pace.

You're sure to have a brilliant time exploring the Troodos Mountains, as well as the rest of this colorful and welcoming nation. Cyprus is a brilliant place to take a fly-drive holiday – begin planning your break today.

Source by Dipika Patel

Using Canal Holiday Guides to Make Your Narrowboat Holiday Run Smoothly

I tend to over prepare. I get all the canal maps and guides, and plan where we will moor, where the best pubs are, where the water points are located. When the markets are on, where the local buses go, what is going on in the towns.

You do not have to go to that extreme, but a little preparation will help your narrow boat holiday run smoothly.

Most important to have is a good, informative Canal Guide for the canals you are cruising.

Which one do you buy?

There are three main cruising guides: Nicholson, Pearson, and Waterways World.

So let's look at them all.

Nicholson probably has the largest range of Canal Guides to the British canals available, and have a good reputation. They are bound in a solid cover, (all are red) and some have a spiral spine.
We have not used them a lot, but many fellow boaters do. Our share owned "Stella" had a full set on board and we found them easy to use and robust.

Some years back they were the 'Boat Owners Guide ", with the other guides being relegated for Hire Boaters use. This is not quite the case now. The maps run from the top of the page, to the bottom.

Waterways World has had a checkered career in the canal guide market. We used them exclusively for our first ever trip in '85, and still have three of their original guides. For years waterways World have been leading the Waterways magazine, but for some reason they disappeared from the guide scene. Their Canal Guides are back now, featuring the Llangollen, Grand Union (South), Shropshire Union, and Oxford. I do not like the new format quite as much as the old style, which I found easier to follow. And I liked the ads! However, they are bound in a sturdy wire bound cover, to lay neatly on the boats roof for easy reference. They also run from top to the page to bottom, with the color map on the right hand page. Lovely color photos, (typical of Waterways World) there are more canal guides planned from them.

Pearsons is our canal guide choice. We have been using Pearsons since our '85 trip, and have continued to do so. Their very detailed maps run from left to right, with the corresponding text underneath, the only guides to be in landscape format. It is clear informative and accurate. At the top of each page, is the number of miles traveled, the number of locks, and the time taken to travel that particular length of canal. We find this particularly useful when planning our trip.

Pearson writes in a unique, entertaining style, (eg "Foxton Village basks in the sun like a sleek cat that has just had two helping of cream"), with nicely notes on each village and the facilities in the town. Their guides cover the majority of canals in the UK, including Llangollen, Shroppie, Oxford, Grand Union and Trent and Mersey. My only problem with the Pearsons, is the covers tend to part company with the rest of the pages after a few outings. But this is easily fixed with a stapler. Otherwise, we love them!

Which one is best?

It is entirely personal. Have a look at each one, talk to other boats, and make a decision. We have a selection of all of them. So … have fun choosing, and Happy Cruising!

Source by Cliff K Bayliss

Tips For a Sailing Holiday – Ionian Islands in Greece

Sailing in Greece is perfect when you are in the Ionian Islands. Ionian Islands is a group of islands located in the western portion of Greece. It is perfectly situated along the Ionian Sea on the coasts of Peloponnesus and Epirus. Its major islands are Paxos, Cythea, Ithaca, Lefkas, Zacynthus, Cephalonia, and Corfu.

The islands first inmates were the Ancient Greeks. They first arrived to the islands probably near the beginning of the 9th or 10th century BC. However, it was later ruled by other western civilizations. Among them are the Roman (146 BC), Byzantium (300 AD), and the Venetian Empires (1204 AD). Subsequently, before it was acquired by Greece in 1864 and claimed the island as part of the country's official territory, the island was earlier yielded to other countries. These include France (1807), Russia (1799), Turkey (1799), and the United Kingdom (1815).

Ionian Islands is also known as Eptanisa or the Seven Islands because of its 7 main islands. Because of its mild climate and nice ports, it became one of Greece's most visited yacht charter areas along the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

When you are sailing in Greece, it is very common to sight gulet motorsailers, yachts, flotillas, and bareboats. If you are taking your holiday vacation with your kids or the whole family, sailing in Ionian Islands is ideal for you. This is because the islands has calm seas and gentle winds. Travelers who are not skilled in sailing can also take advantage of the islands perfect climate.

Sailing in Greece through the Ionian Islands is an ideal holiday vacation. The islands has several harbors and docks that can be used as a charter base. Preveza, Corfu, and Lefkas are Ionian Islands 3 yacht charter bases. From these 3 ports, the most visited and accredited is the Lefkas harbor. Lefkas is characterized by its apt Mediterranean climate and interesting trekked mountains. Furthermore, its beaches have golden sand and full-size waves. Lefkas' most beautiful beaches include Perigiali, Nikiana, and Nidri.

On the other hand, some sailing tourists favor the Preveza port. It is located along the Amvrakia Gulf. The port is distinguished by its sturdy crosscurrent.

Sailing in Greece has never been this exciting. Aside from enjoying the Ionian Islands scenic environment, you can also take pleasure in the island's fascinating ancient histories.

Source by D. Browall

Travel Itinerary – Consult Professional Holiday Planning Services

Anytime that someone plans a holiday, they have to plan what they will do and when they will do it. Some travelers enjoy going on holiday and just going with the flow to see what they can find in each area they visit. However, there are many reasons why just 'winging it' is not going to be an effective means of enjoying your vacation. Plan a travel itinerary for New Zealand instead, and you will be much better able to have an experience that you will never forget and make sure that you get to see all the best places while you are in the country.

Planning a travel itinerary for New Zealand is not difficult. Of course, if you prefer to have someone plan it for you, you can do that too. There are travel companies and holiday planning agencies that offer people the chance to just pick a package that includes things that they enjoy for their holiday, making planning easier than ever on the traveler. These companies have many different things to offer, but the selection will be up to you to determine. You can choose from pre-built itineraries or customized holiday plans, allowing you to have the ultimate vacation without having to plan it yourself.

If you are going to plan your own travel itinerary for New Zealand, you need to choose activities that suit your interests, allow for travel time, and make sure that everything revolves around your accommodation, the car hire or transportation that you choose, and the dates that you will be in town. It can be a lot of work to plan a vacation to New Zealand, which is why professional planning services are available and why they are so popular.

Professional holiday planning services can give you the chance to pick and choose the things that you want to do, the places that you want to go and the sights that you want to see while you are in New Zealand. You can select the exact activities that interest you and let the company plan your perfect travel itinerary for New Zealand, saving you time and hassle. Plus, you can often find better things to do with these companies because they know the country and are experienced within the travel industry so they know what they are doing much better than you might. Planning your own New Zealand holiday is possible, but if you prefer you can have professionals take care of your planning and sit back and wait for your vacation time to arrive.

Source by Libby Fletcher