Kauai Helicopter Tours

Kauai is an island that has become well known for its helicopter flights that provide an overview of its numerous picturesque spots and beaches. Kauai is not all sand and beaches. This 550 square mile island, formed by volcanic eruptions three million years ago, has much more to offer by way of natural scenic beauty.

Tourists need to opt for minimum of an hour's flight to enjoy an aerial view of the paradise called Kauai.

Helicopter tours anywhere in the world are a luxury but Kauai helicopter tours offer maximum value for the money. There are dense, impenetrable forests and high mountains complete with breathtaking waterfalls. It may not be possible to view them without tourists make use of these aerial tours. It is believed that eighty percent of Kauai can be seen by opting for a helicopter tour.

Most helicopter flights take tourists into the ancient crater of Wai'ale'ale, conditions permitting. Waterfalls are visible all over, as Kauai is known to be one of the wettest spots on earth. The spectacular landscape of the island includes Waimea Canyon gorge and the emerging rugged Napali Coast. Millions of shades of blues and greens can be seen in the wide expanse of waters lapping against the shores and are a breathtaking experience for all who see it.

An advantage of helicopter tours over the island of Kauai is that the tourist need not miss out on any important tourist spots that they may not have time to visit on land. Tourists may be able to see the beautiful beaches and golf courses from the helicopter. They may also be able to view various sports other tourists may be indulging in zip line drives, horseback rides, and so on. They may also be able to view ancient historic sites and plantations that have been reserved for tourists to enjoy. Almost all helicopter companies operate from Lihue, with a few that operate from Hanapepe and Princeville.

Source by Eric Morris