Top 5 Weekend Trips from Vancouver, BC

In this week’s video, we will talk about the top 5 places where you can go on a small trip or vacation from Vancouver, British Columbia. Everyone needs a change of scenery every once in a while!

Cities and Regions Mentioned in this Video:

– Whistler, BC:
– Okanagan Valley, BC (including Kelowna, BC):
– Victoria, BC:
– Seattle, WA:
– Portland, OR:

Places we loved in Seattle:

– Bakery Nouveau (an amazing French bakery):

– Beechers Hand Made Cheese (the perfect place to get cheddar cheese curds if you are a homesick Quebecer and best cheese curds you can get outside of Quebec):

– Caffè Fiore (the best cappuccino we had in our lives):


Vancouver Seaplane Tour

In this video – Taking off from Canada Place and first flying west and then back around the city, then east up the inlet.

In part 2 – Finally coming back around he city the opposite way and then briefly ducking up the coast to the ferry landing.


$595,000 Beachside Condo Tour! (BEFORE & AFTER TRANSFORMATION) in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Today we’re doing a beachside apartment tour in Vancouver’s beautiful Kitsilano neighbourhood! 🏠🌴🌊 This condo has undergone a HUGE transformation, and I’m going to show you what it looked like pre-renovation and post-reno. If your moving to Vancouver and curious about what the lifestyle is like in Vancouver’s iconic Kitsilano area, this video will show you what it is like AND what’s available when you’re looking for a place to live!

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