Make Thanksgiving Exciting With A Bus Tour From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

Thanksgiving may be your last chance for a relaxing and fun getaway before the hectic holiday season sets in, so now's the time to make plans. Vegas is a great place to celebrate, and it is also a fantastic place to begin a Grand Canyon tour, such as an affordable and scenic bus tour that goes from Vegas straight to the Canyon.

Vegas has a lot of Canyon tours on offer, and the best part is you can find a tour that goes to the West Rim and tours that go to the South Rim. The West Rim is a little over 100 miles from Vegas, and it is the closest rim. The South Rim is located in Arizona, and the bus ride takes around 5 and a half hours. All the buses from Vegas, whether they go to the South Rim or the West Rim go right past the Hoover Dam, and your bus will make a quick stop so you can take some photos.

West Rim Bus Tours

A day at the West Rim will be filled with fun and special memories. The standard tour is one that drives you to the Canyon and then brings you home later in the day. However, you can upgrade your tour to a package that includes exciting events according to your budget and interests.

One thing you should try is the VIP passes to the Skywalk. These passes give you priority access to the world-famous transparent viewing platform that is suspended over the Canyon. You'll be able to stand 70 feet past the edge of the Canyon and peer all the way to the Canyon floor 4000 feet below. It is a thrilling experience like no other, and when you get the VIP pass, you do not have to wait in a long line.

You can even upgrade your bus tour to include a helicopter flight over the Canyon or a flight that descends into the Canyon and lands on the bottom near the Colorado River. Flying to the Canyon floor is a good option because you'll be able to take a boat ride on the Colorado River as it wends its way along the base of the Canyon walls.

Bus Tours To The South Rim

West Rim tours are the most popular, but a South Rim tour is an excellent choice too if you are more interested in scenic sightseeing and you do not mind the long ride to the rim. The standard bus tour to the South Rim includes lunch, a guide, and about three hours to explore the area once your bus gets to the South Rim. You'll see beautiful vistas from scenic lookouts and you'll also see many of the highlights at the South Rim, so if you love to take photos, you'll have plenty of opportunities on this tour.

The South Rim bus tour can also be upgraded to include a helicopter tour. This flight gives you 30 minutes of air time over the rim between the South and North Rims. This tour even includes a jaunt over the deepest and widest trench in the Canyon.

Holiday Tours Sell Out Fast

Be sure to book your tour in advance because tours will fill up fast over the Thanksgiving holiday. Go ahead and book your tour after you book your hotel in Vegas, or at the very least, try to get your seats locked in 72 hours in advance. Buying your tour online gets you the lowest rate possible and when you buy your tour using your credit card, your seats are paid for and confirmed.

Get Ready For A Unique Thanksgiving Experience

Do not spend Thanksgiving sleeping on the couch, make memories your family will remember by touring the Canyon instead. There are so many fun upgrades to add to your bus tour like the helicopter flyover at the South Rim or the VIP Skywalk experience at the West Rim, that it's easy to create a tour package that's sure to please everyone in your group while keeping your budget happy too.

Source by Keith Kravitz