Walking Edmonton Commonwealth Walkway2021 | Walterdale Bridge | 4K Canada Virtual Travel Walk Tour

LET’S WALK with me, today we are walking the Edmonton Commonwealth Walkway. It’s supported by The Commonwealth Walkway Trust, Edmonton’s Commonwealth Walkway travels for 10 kilometres through the North Saskatchewan River Valley. It’s a perfect walk to explore Edmonton’s history, Canada’s Commonwealth heritage and the river valley.

This video was shot in June 2021.

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TORONTO Sugar Beach Walk

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VANCOUVER Gastown Wander Around

TORONTO Waterfront Spring Walk

TORONTO Spring Stations Art Exhibition Walk

Follow my footsteps:
Timestamps below to guide you through the video.
00:00:00 Commonwealth Walkway
00:01:52 100 Street Funicular
00:04:17 Frederick G. Todd Lookout
00:07:19 Lower Level Bridge
00:12:41 James MacDonald Bridge
00:13:34 Irene Parlby Park
00:26:36 Fire Station
00:28:55 Power Plant
00:30:39 Walterdale Bridge
00:36:12 Queen Elizabeth Park

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