British Columbia Road Trip | Vancouver – Kelowna- Revelstoke | The Planet D Canada Vlog

From Vancouver to Kelowna to Revelstoke and Kamloops, this tour of British Columbia is the most adventurous Canada Road trip we’ve done. Staying at Northland properties like Sandman Hotels and Sutton Place makes for perfect stops on the ultimate BC Road Trip.
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↠ Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke –
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From Stanley Park in Vancouver to Revelstoke Resort, these are the best things to do in British Columbia on a BC road trip through

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a travel vlog to vancouver!! (lots of walking, gardens, bookstores, shopping)

travel vlog to Vancouver with me!! A video showcasing where I traveled to Vancouver and all the things I did there all in a 15 minute video, I hope you enjoy !

Hiii i hoped you enjoyed this mini travel vlog !! Its been such a long time since i last posted so hopefully i can get back in the rhythm again 🌸✨💕

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Orca Encounter | Whale Watching in Vancouver, Canada

I love wildlife videography and photography and was keen to join a whale watching tour on my second visit to Vancouver this May. Prince of Whales’ five-hour tour was a knock out – harbour porpoises, humpback whales, harbour seals, bald eagles, and the big “black and whites”. I was completely mesmerized by the grace and beauty of the three Orcas we encountered. Australians see a lot of other whales pass by our coast but Orcas had always been on my bucket list!

(This is not sponsored – I joined a Prince of Whales’ tour as a member of the public and was impressed by their ethical approach. My zoom lens makes it look like the whales were a lot closer than they actually were, over 200m away. It was the beginning of the season and we were the only other boat with them, so they were not disturbed)

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Date: May 2018

‘Woodlands’ by Wiljan & Xandra. Copyright free.

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Tofino Hot Spring Cove – Vancouver, Island Adventure

#HOLInspired #HighOnLife

Hot Springs Cove is just one of the many adventures you can have around Tofino on Vancouver Island. Join us for the tail end of our weekend spent in Tofino as we chase an epic sunrise, explore Hot Springs Cove, and satisfy our need for pumping adrenaline by jumping out a plane!

Special thanks to Ocean Outfitters for taking us to Hott Springs Cove and Skydive Vancouver for the incredible jump!

Ocean Outfitters

Skydive Vancouver


Filmed on location by Justis Cooper, Ben Czegeny, Kenzo Kiren and Joshua Laplap and Zachary Moxley

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Voice-over & Edit by Joshua Laplap


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Welcome to my $300 Tiny Rooftop Apartment Tour in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam!
I’m very excited about living in this new apartment! I have all the essentials, plus an outdoor patio deck with a garden pond, and an additional roof deck!
Living in Southeast Asia is extremely affordable. I really lucked out finding this place, though. This type of place can easily go for $500 or higher in Hanoi.
My location is very nice, it’s only a 15-minute walk away from Hoan Kiem lake and the Old Quarter area of Hanoi city.
I’m close to the French Quarter as well. Down the street is Ga Ha Noi (Hanoi’s main train station). My neighborhood is full of street food, cafes, and nice little shops.
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Venice Beach Tour 2018! (Travel Vlog)

Hey guys. As requested by viewers here is a Venice Beach Tour Vlog. If your thinking of traveling to Venice California watch this video first! And share with your travel friends.
#VeniceBeach #TravelVlog #LilCheetah

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We found a hot spring you can only get to by helicopter. Vancouver British Columbia is easily one of the most scenic places in the world and flying a helicopter over these mountains is simply unbeatable.

Don’t miss Part 1:

Thank you to BC Helicopters for showing us around and teaching me to fly! Check Mischa out on YouTube:

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January 12, 2016

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Cosmo and Creatures – Young (Win Woo Remix)
Shift – Rhano
Microwave Dinner
Inner State of Mind
Outro: Nevada – Vicetone (Monstercat)
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VANCOUVER TOUR GUIDE – Vlogging Vancity 5

This is your Vancouver Canada tour guide! Today we visit South Vancouver, East Vancouver and China Town. This is the last of the 5 day vlogging Vancity series. I hope you liked it and let me know if we should bring the series back for another city 🙂

Vlogging Vancity Series (Bears, Heli-Tour, Suspension Bridges, etc!)

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Sept 20, 2016

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Businesses we visited:
– Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park
– Vancouver Fashion Week
– Cartems Donuterie (sponsored) – A MUST VISIT if in Vancouver and they have several locations around the city 🙂
– Foundation
– Craft Beer Market

Check this mix out !

-What camera and equipment do you use?

-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX