Tour Bus Rentals Deliver Guided Trips With A Twist

Many people steer clear of guided tours in fear of tight agendas, crowded accommodations and a lack of flexibility. Unfortunately, these people miss out on a lot of potential fun. This is especially the case when skilled tour guides lead the trip. When tour bus rentals are booked for specific itineraries, it’s often quite possible for private groups to set their own schedules and take advantage of the knowledge that comes along with guided tours.

The benefits of going this route are many. Depending on the service selected, tour bus rentals can even ensure that everyone onboard is treated to impeccable service and comfort.

When higher end tour bus rentals are considered, passengers are treated to all the perks that celebrities enjoy when they’re on the road. For example, tour bus rentals that offer first-class service, make sure passengers get to see all they desire while they enjoy posh accommodations. In some cases, it’s even possible to book tours that include area knowledgeable driver-guides.

Whether it’s tours of California or trips through the Las Vegas desert, tour bus rentals can offer glamour and a personalized touch. In the process, people can assure themselves a rather good time throughout the journey and back again.

Depending on the tour bus rentals considered, groups can expect such things as:

· Professional drivers who know the local hotspots and tourist destinations. Many tour bus rental companies enable groups to set their own schedules and pick their stops. In a lot of cases, drivers are very familiar with the terrain and can even add a great deal to the experience.

· Sleeping quarters. When top-notch tour bus rentals are considered, small groups will often find sleeping accommodations for up to 12 people. This is a great way for groups to tour different parts of the country and not have to worry about additional lodgings and other concerns.

· Kitchen quarters. Many tour bus rentals on the higher end also come with some sort of galley arrangement. This means travelers can eat in or dine out as they desire.

· Restroom facilities. Higher end tour bus rentals have full-service bathrooms onboard. This eliminates the need to stop between planned destinations – unless passengers desire a quick change of plans.

· Onboard entertainment. Most tour bus rentals include some form of onboard entertainment. Quite often this equates to a TV and DVD player, but this combination is spectacular for passing the time between interesting stops on the planned trip.

· Itinerary assistance. Many tour bus rental companies provide help groups set their itineraries and can even point out stops that are worth making. This professional service quite often comes along with the rental fees, at no additional charge.

Tour bus rentals can give small groups their own private, guided journey through some of the best tourists areas imaginable. From California to Maine and everywhere in between, there are more options for a guided tour than many realize. When private and first-class is desired, tour bus rentals can deliver.

Source by Gordon Petten

The Best of Bargain Day Trips With Brisbane Car Rentals

By choosing to get yourself Brisbane car rentals, you have made the first good choice, because this is by far one of the easiest ways to get around town. Not only do you save a lot of money, which you would otherwise spend on cabs or buses; you also get to discover the city at your own pace. There are no tour guides to rush you or tell you that you have only ten minutes at a place, where you would love to have thirty.

If you have done any research prior to coming to Australia, you will realize that there are several trips to be taken in and around the city. Fortunately, quite a few of these are the kinds, which will not sway your budget too much. Get yourself a car hire in Brisbane and you will be able to drive yourself and your family up to Bribie Island. Just the ride itself it so excellent, that you might never want to reach the destination! However, once you do reach there, you will have plenty of activities to keep you busy, including surfing, kayaking or just lying around, getting your suntan.

Car rentals in Brisbane also let you drive up to nearby beaches like Caloundra, where you can spend a fun day in the sun with the ones you love. You could catch a few surfs, play on the beach and then get yourself a delicious lunch of fish and chips. The kids in your family will be very happy, when they see that all their favorite flavors of ice cream are available.

However, if you have already gotten to that particular shade of tan that you wanted, you might want a place where you can protect it. The hills of Maleny are a great destination for you to head to, because here you can experience the charm and pristine beauty of the hinterlands. Your kids will love watching the birds and animals, while you prepare a barbecue lunch for them.

Mount Tamborine also offers you an inexpensive destination to head to, because entry into the national park will not cost you much. After that, you simply pick a trail of our liking and become adventurers! You could choose to see the glowworm caves or take a trip to one of the markets in town. Even if you do not purchase anything at the market, it is a great way to spend the day and soak in the local atmosphere.

Source by Michael Ed Jones