Four Seasons Vancouver Kitchen Tour

The Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver’s Kids in the City program offers great on-site activities to keep the younger ones in the group entertained with an activity room full of games and crafts, an indoor/outdoor pool, and a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchens within the hotel.

Executive sous chef Craig Dryhurst of Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver gave Emma and Olivia Been their own private tour, complete with a gingerbread man-making contest. Check out our video and see who wins.



GoPro StickCam Tour of Neck Point Park Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Nanaimo’s Neck Point Park was going to be a condo development but was saved to become one of Nanaimo’s best parks- and that’s saying something! Formerly a 50+ acre private waterfront estate, there’s seven separate beaches, so if it’s windy, there’s always a quiet bay.

Besides 2 legged animals, it also has regular visits from eagles, sea birds of all description, seals, sea lions, and orcas. It’s an underwater paradise too, and one of the main reasons Jacques Cousteau called Nanaimo the best non tropical place to dive in North America.

Take a spin around the park in this selfie style video shot with a GoPro StickCam.

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Harbour Air Flightseeing Seaplane Tour – Vancouver, Canada (HD)

Video and photo highlights from the Harbour Air “Panorama Classic” Vancouver tour.

Our flight started by taking off from Vancouver Harbour and flying over the Lions Gate Bridge. We then flew around the mountains on the North Shore including Grouse Mountain before heading back over the harbour and doing a complete circle of the city and Stanley Park before landing.

Filmed on Tuesday 2 July 2013.

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