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Why Are Sports Travelers Enjoying the 21st Winter Olympics?

Millions of visitors are experiencing a wealth of colour, sporting events, music and shows during the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010! Savvy sports travelers planned years in advance to be in the “Hollywood of the North” this February, when over 10,000 of the world’s top athletes descended on BC. Not only is British Columbia a beautiful place to visit; but Canadians gave athletes and tourists a true to form, warm welcome at the Opening Ceremony held on Friday, February 12th, 2010 to mark the beginning of the XXI Winter Games.

Despite the concern of their Canadian hosts, visitors are enjoying this lovely city during an unprecedented rise in temperatures; making it one of the warmest winters in over 100 years while the East Coast of North America and even Europe is snow laden. Considering the snowfall in Vancouver, last winter, this is not something anyone would wish on the host city of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics! However, Vancouverites trucked the snow in from back East, along with their visitors, and seem to be infused with an almost summer like spirit amidst the balmy temperatures.

If you have visited Vancouver before, you may be surprised to see streets unusually busy near the popular venues and tourist attractions, both day and night, with everyone taking full advantage of the charged atmosphere. Olympic Games characteristically infuse athletes, sports travelers and enthusiasts with energy while competing in or just viewing the top class Olympic competition at local venues; it’s no different in Vancouver, Richmond, Cypress Mountain and Whistler this year, despite the dangers competitors face on the slopes, tracks and ice rinks.

If you enjoy party pumping music and a carefree atmosphere in the celebrity littered streets an Olympic host city is where you’ll get it… a manic embracing of all that’s good in life while you have the chance – while you have life in your veins – to strive, to perform and to live your utmost. If you’re in Vancouver, you have the opportunity to party long into the night or rise early in the morning. Some have witnessed and testified to the glory of seeing a moon and stars set in the West over the BC Lions (mountains on the North Shore) while at the same time, watching the sun rise in the East over the distant snow-covered slopes of Mount Baker in Washington, USA – all from Granville Bridge, Vancouver. Certainly worth exploring…

Fellow travel club members, friends and family with firsthand accounts about exciting trips to international destinations, like Vancouver, are inspiring as they often have similar goals and objectives when traveling. These international travel tips can be the most valuable of all. These people will probably have plenty of memories to share with you about the hotels, favorite restaurants and interesting tourist attractions they’ve most enjoyed during their stay… So if you enjoy a Sporting Buzzzzzz, London 2012 is not far away!

Source by Anne L Dix

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