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【4K】Historical Chinatown Walking Tour in Vancouver BC Canada【4K】

0:00 Abbott st
0:19 W Pender st
1:55 Millennium Gate
8:46 Main st
9:52 W Pender st
11:49 Gore ave
12:51 Keefer st
17:11 Chinatown Memorial Plaza
17:24 Keefer st
19:32 Keefer PL

A walk around Chinatown𓅿
Established in the 1890s by migrant workers, this Vancouver neighborhood is now among the biggest and most vibrant Chinatowns in North America.

The video is uploaded in 4K, so if you are watching on a TV you will be able to watch it on 4K. If you are watching on your phone, you can adjust your resolution to 1080p for better resolution.
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𓅯𓂂𓏸◌𓂂 𓅿 𓂃𓂂𓇸 𓅯𓂂𓏸◌𓂂 𓅿 𓂃𓂂𓇸 𓅯𓂂𓏸◌𓂂 𓅿 𓂃𓂂𓇸 𓅯𓂂𓏸◌𓂂 𓅿 𓂃𓂂𓇸 𓅯𓂂𓏸◌𓂂 𓅿 𓂃𓂂𓇸

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