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How Ean Price Overcomes Significant Challenges and Has Amazing Adventures

In this interview, I talk with Ean Price about how he travels, and how he tries to help others. He describes his condition this way:

Ean Price ” I have spinal muscular atrophy, which is a neuromuscular condition. I have, the use of my thumbs and I’m ventilator dependent and I’m also on the feeding tube. And of course, in a power wheelchair here, as you can see.

So, a lot of devices that help me be able to travel, is something I’m very passionate about. ICAN Resource Group was founded over 10 years ago. And it started out as a multimedia design company, something I went to school for and I’m, also very passionate about.

And then over the years decided to expand into assistive technology and travel.

So, now we offer three separate divisions, three services. And traveling has always been important to me. And I figured somebody as high maintenance as I am, that has to do a lot of research and there are a lot of logistics involved pre-trip, I figured I would start sharing my information on my adventures and hopefully that would help others.”

Ean’s Profile
Website (Company)
1-250-863-0650 (Mobile)

In this video we talk about accessible travel, and travel in a power wheelchair with a ventilator. He talks about how he travels and shares stories about the places he has visited, and how he managed what would seem impossible.
00:00 Introduction
00:29 Ean’s background and challenges
02:30 Need for Information about travel
03:50 Incorrect Property Information
04:45 Train issues in Italy
06:56 Lack of clear definition of accessibility
09:53 Accessibility in Vancouver
10:57 Southeast Asia
13:30 Affordability of accessible transport
16:10 Price discrimination
17:13 Black Cabs in London
19:32 Preparing for a trip and misinformation
23:18 Lack of accessibility information
30:02 How to learn more and connect with Ean

How Ean Price Overcomes Significant Challenges and Has Amazing Adventures


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