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Tour Downtown South with Larry Beasley | CanU 2020 Vancouver Tours

Join Larry Beasley for a walk through Downtown South. Once an old rail yard, now an urban waterfront community for everyone from kids to seals. Vancouver had been called an “unspectacular city in a spectacular setting” until the city builders of his era got to work.

Beasley was Vancouver’s co-chief of planning and is the author of “Vancouverism.” A resident of this neighbourhood himself, Beasley offers both a professional and personal perspective of the many attributes and some of the missed opportunities in this now mature neighbourhood.

Each year, the Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU) offers a number of tours to give conference attendees in the host city an on-the-ground experience of the evolving urban environment. This year, due to the pandemic, the tours are presented as videos.

Shared by The Tyee, courtesy of the Council for Canadian Urbanism (

Video by Uytae Lee


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