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Vancouver Apartment Tours $2200 vs $3300 | Downtown Vancouver and Kitsilano

Super happy with how this video turned out and had a great time collabing for the first time on the channel! – lemme know if you wanna see another episode of this!
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After doing several apartment tours I decided it was time that we did a head-to-head video – clearly that extra $1000 per month goes a long way… If you’ve been watching the channel for a while you may have seen my place before when I moved into it!
Harmonie’s place is gorgeous, bright, and really just feels great to be in. That’s the kind of vibe I’ll be looking for in my next apartment! Although I don’t have many complaints about my own place, nothing annoys me more than not having a ton of light!

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This is what $2200 vs $3300 Gets You in Vancouver. Back again with another Vancouver apartment tour. Nothing is more fun than watching apartment tour videos for me and that is why I love making them. People ask me all the time; what does $2000 get you in vancouver, is vancouver, what does $3000 get you in vancouver, how much is vancouver, how expensive is vancouver, are vancouver apartments nice, should i move to vancouver, is vancouver real estate good, and many other questions… and one by one I am trying to make videos that answer these questions.
Leave any questions you’ve got below and I may just make a video on it!

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