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ViaRail "Canadian" Train Sleeper Tour

I have ridden Amtrak’s long distance trains several times, and I have previously put together two videos on what to expect when traveling in ‘sleeper’ class (first class) on the western route “Superliner” trains. Recently I took a similar trip across Canada on ViaRail’s famous transcontinental train called the “Canadian”, from Toronto to Vancouver. This video shows what to expect in a sleeper car on this trip, as well as presenting the trip and its sights. My trip took place in the four days immediately following Labor Day in May of 2014. The westbound train starts at 10 PM in Toronto, then continues over the next three full days and part of the morning on the fourth day, so the trip includes five consecutive dates, and occupies about 3-1/2 days (going by hours of travel).

I forgot to mention in the video that the rooms (except for the berths) all have en-suite toilets. In the roomettes, the toilets are covered by the bed when it is lowered.


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