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Video walking tour- Vancouver's Richmond Centre Mall, No 3 road, Parker Place & Skytrain Aug 10 2020

Hey guys, this is a Vancouver walking video filmed on August 10 2020, focusing on the Richmond Centre Mall and No 3 road , and Parker Place mall in Richmond.

Richmond is a part of the greater Vancouver area, and I traveled here using the skytrain system. After getting off the skytrain , I went into the Richmond Centre and started my my walk around checking out the interior. I hadn’t been here in a while, and didn’t realize that the entire food court had been changed, and moved to an upper level.

After that, I went northbound on No 3 road, and then after a few kilometres, I got to Parker Place, which is a smaller, asian themed mall. I had a walk in there as well, and eventually went back outside and continued north again on No 3 road. I boarded the skytrain and also filmed a little bit of an overhead view over the streets.

00:38 – leaving Richmond Brighouse skytrain station
2:00 – a look up No 3 road and heading into the Richmond Centre mall
3:30 – inside Richmond Centre
9:05 – in the food court
17:16 – north on No 3 road
19:50 – passing Richmond Brighouse station
23:14 – Westminster Highway
25:20 – skytrain passing overhead
41:45 – Inside Parker Place mall
48:00 – north on No 3 road again
51:00 – entering Aberdeen Station and a skytrain ride!


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