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A Deeper Look at North Dalmatia

North Dalmatia in Croatia is an ideal vacation spot that many simply overlook. Do not make that mistake, because this area has a lot to offer in history, beauty, and fun.

North Dalmatia includes the city of Zadar, the coastline from the Kvarner Riviera to north of the Split, and many islands in the Zadar archipelago. Below are the top places to visit to make your holiday to Croatia complete.

  • Zadar, the capital city of North Dalmatia, is an ancient city. The old town walls that formerly surrounded the town are still standing. There is a lot of history to explore, including many impressive ancient buildings, such as the Church of St.. Donat, built in the 9th century AD by Byzantine emperor Constantine.
  • Unlike other towns along the Adriatic coast, the town of Sibenik is not a result of Roman or Greek influence. It dates back to around the 11th century and is the oldest Slavic town on Croatia's coastline. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. James. This stunning structure was built from limestone and marble and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
  • The Kornati Islands are made of about 147 isles, many of which are uninhabited. The archipelago has been pronounced a National Park because of its wild beauty and pebble beaches. Exploring the area via yacht charter will provide you the best opportunity to see all that the Kornati Islands have to offer. Be sure to view the numerous lighthouses, the amazing bridge that connects the isles of Ugljan and Pasman which is often referred to as the gateway to Kornati, and the hidden healing lake on Dugi Otok, near the Telascica Bay.
  • The Krka National Park has an amazing seven waterfalls, including the popular Skradinski Buk Falls. The park includes two-thirds of the river, which runs through a canyon and forms into lakes, areas of rapids, and the picturesque waterfalls.
  • The Paklenica National Park offers a beautiful backdrop for hiking, cycling, or climbing. Manita Pec cave and the Marasovici Ethno House, which is a preserved ancient house, are two places that are worth a visit.
  • A holiday to North Dalmatia would not be complete without a visit to the Island Pag. This isle, the second longest in the Adriatic Sea, is known for the strong winds, lace making, and paski sir (sheep's cheese).

When you're planning your next holiday, do not overlook the splendor and romance that is North Dalmatia.

Source by Laurie L Harley

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