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Andrew Koenig's Suicide Was Preventable!

Andrew Koenig, the star of the hit show Growing Pains was discovered yesterday in Vancouver. He died at his own hands. He died of suicide.

Every minute of every single day, one person will take their own life. The vast majority, over 95% give warning signs before they take their own life. Many people ignore these warning signs, because they don't believe the person will actually end their own life. Most people who talk about suicide are serious about it, and you must pay attention.

Mr. Koenig gave warning signs. He gave away his personal belongings. He spoke of suicide to friends and family. The closest family members and friends were not surprised that he ended his own life.

I have no doubt that Mr. Koenig's friends and family told him to get some mental health help. I have no doubt that they tried to talk him out of suicide.

However, having said that, I am sure that they probably had no idea how to respond to his desperation.

The vast majority of people that end up taking their own lives, spoke of this to friends and family before attempting suicide. The majority probably recommend mental health counseling in attempts to heal the pain. Unfortunately the majority of people sent to counseling by concerned friends or family, may have been able to prevent suicide had they known how to respond.

Don't get me wrong. Anybody that is speaking of suicide should speak with a trained professional, but so often the suicide can be prevented when people know how to respond to the individual that is feeling so very desperate. And more likely than not, the untrained friend or family member will hear of the suicidal thoughts before the trained professional will hear of them.

Many try to give reasons for dying. They debate the "why's" with the individual. Do not debate the reasons for dying with an individual that wants to take their own life. The suicidal individual might convince you that their reasons are good and valid. Don't get into these types of debates. Insist that the person live.

People that speak of suicide are giving you warning signs. Pay attention to them. Don't believe for a minute that somebody that speaks of suicide isn't serious. Most people speak of suicide before they end their own life.

When you learn how to respond to desperate people, you can make a difference. You can prevent suicide, when you know what to say, and what not to say.

Source by Tammy Stoner

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