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Bangkok Budget Hotels – A Guide For Thrifty Travelers

Bangkok offers visitors from all over the world a huge selection of hotel choices with room rates for everyone's pocket books. Of course the most popular category of accommodations are budget hotels. However, there are so many different types of budget hotels in Bangkok that selecting the right one is essential for a more enjoyable vacation.

Affordable hotels in Bangkok are scattered everywhere but there are a few key areas that you should look into when planning your sightseeing itinerary. First you should get your hands on a map of the BTS Sky Train or MRT underground train system. Road traffic in the streets of Bangkok is notorious for bumper to bumper traffic jams, so getting stuck in a taxi for hours is unacceptable as there's just much to see in the city. By taking advantage of the quick and efficient train systems you will be one step ahead in planning a great tour itinerary.

Many budget hotels within the city have are in the range of THB 850 ($ 25US) to THB 1700 ($ 50US). A few hostel type accommodations such as Lub d Bangkok (not a spelling error, that's the actual hotel name) have rooms with 4 sets of bunk beds and others are like Bedroom Boutique Hotel with modern stylish private rooms. Both of these hotels are located within the hub activities of Bangkok as well as near a BTS Sky Train to zip you around town easily.

Then there are the budget hotels near Bangkok's red light districts that are always popular. Such as the THB 1200 ($ 35US) per night Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel and Resort which is about a 10 minute walk to Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP), a small 3 store building stacked with go go bars. And if 10 minutes is still too far away then check out the Majestic Suites which will only set you back THB 1295 ($ 38US) per night but it's only around the street corner from NEP.

If you're a serious shopaholic then Samran Place Hotel THB 1000 ($ 30US) might be right for you. Located between the shopping heaven of Pratunam and Siam districts you can spend the money you saved on hotels on clothes and electronics to your hearts content. There's also a BTS Sky Train station just right out the hotel's door that will take you around to other shopping parades in other parts of Bangkok easily.

There are many affordable hotels in central Bangkok so there's no need to look for a hotel at the edge of the city. Many budget hotels in Bangkok are very popular so you should book your hotels a few months in advance. And it's always a good idea to keep multiple hotel choices in the back of your mind in case your first choice does not have rooms available.

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