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Compare E-Book Readers – Don’t Pick The Cheapest E-Book Reader With The Biggest E-Reader Discount

E-Book readers are little devices that make a big impact on the way you read books. They are small enough to fit your pocket, and large enough to carry the whole library. Now, you can never get caught without your favorite book! You wanted to be the early Christmas shopper and treat yourself to a digital portable reading device. What has delayed the purchase is the fact that several e-book readers are vying both for your attention and for shelf-space. You need to stop and think, before you choose. 

E-book reader is not something which you should wait to buy at a whopping discount in a sale. You need to carefully peruse the features and pick the one that seems tailored for you. 

If you field the question, ‘Which is the best e-book reader in the market?’, the responses will be as varied as the number of similar devices to hit the shelves. The answer lies in your ability and desire to do some research. If you are not in a mood to do a comparative study on your own, read on, this can help.

Let’s do a run through the leaders of the pack: Kindle 2 and Kindle DX from Amazon, 
the Nook from Barnes and Noble and Sony’s Touch edition. 

If you will choose an e-book reader to fit your pocket literally and otherwise, then the lowest price is Kindle 2, priced at $259 and the one that comes closest to it is the Touch edition from Sony at $300. Next up is Nook at $349 and the Kindle DX walks tall at $489. 

The screen size is 6inches for all except the Kindle DX, which has a 9.7 inch screen. Having the largest display, the DX boasts of great resolution along with auto-rotate screen, changing from portrait to landscape as you rotate it. All of them have an E-ink display, giving it a paper-feel and making reading more natural than staring at a computer screen. 

If carrying a whole library or at least getting somewhere close to it, is you criterion, go for Kindle DX which stores a whopping 3500 E-Books. Standing at a moderate level are Kindle 2 and the Nook, with a capacity for 1500 e-books, which is not bad either. Sony’s Touch edition allows you space for 350 e-books. 

All three of them have wireless downloads except Sony Touch PRS-600. Since it has no wireless access, you need to download e-books through your computer. However the Touch edition comes with a stylus for jotting quick notes and has a built-in dictionary. It also has an extended battery life, cruising through 7500 page turns. 

One of the distinctive features that the Nook has is its ability to share books, in the same vein as lending books to friends. This feature however is not present in both Kindle 2 and DX or the Touch edition. 

It is not that there is just one product in the market which you buy, and then the scene is flooded with many more options and you get into buyer’s remorse. All of them are handy and equally portable, ready to travel with you, wherever you choose to go. Take some time out to pamper yourself with something you always wanted. What’s stopping you? Go and take your pick.

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