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Dangers of Leaking Fuel Oil Tanks

Is your fuel tank showing signs of rust or corrosion?

Do you find leaks or spills around it?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to get in touch with an oil tank removal Vancouver Company for an immediate solution of this problem.

As revealed by the latest Canadian statistics, more than 40% of the oil spills in Canada result from domestic oil tanks used for the purpose of heating homes. After a certain time period, these structures began to deteriorate and wear away from inside. Internal deterioration mainly occurs because of the growth of water and mud at the base of the vessel that further causes small pinhole leaks. Most of us do not pay attention towards these leaks and keep on avoiding them. But if left unattended, such a structure can cause a huge loss to both life and property. Besides this, it is dangerous for the environment also.

As far as the dangers of these structures are concerned, these include:

Fire and environmental hazard

This is one of the major dangers associated with these structures. Many cases have been reported where a huge loss is caused to the life and property because of a tank catching fire suddenly. Installation defects, oil piping defects, improper cleaning and maintenance, etc. are some of the possible reasons of this trouble.  If the vessel is not installed, cleaned or maintained properly, it can cause a serious fire and environmental hazard.

Risk to indoor air quality

This is another possible danger that can badly affect you and your family’s health.  If these structures are left unattended for a longer time, they pose a big risk to the indoor air quality thus resulting is causing a number of respiratory troubles.

Groundwater contamination

Groundwater pollution is another danger caused by leaking oil. Only a few drops of oil are sufficient to contaminate a huge quantity of water. This polluted water is responsible for causing innumerable health elated troubles.


Last but not the least is the high cost associated with the cleaning of a spill from a fuel oil tank. If you show negligence in the beginning, you can end up in paying extra amount of money.  In some cases, a cleanup can cost even more than the actual value of the property.

These are some of the major risks of the leaking fuel oil tanks. If you are facing any of these problems, contact an oil tank removal Vancouver Company immediately.

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