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Explore Baltimore!

Watching the 2008 Olympics and seeing Michael Phelps take home a record 8 gold medals, probably made you wonder which great city was lucky enough to produce such an amazing sporting hero! Well the answer to your thoughts is Baltimore, hence his nickname "The Baltimore Bullet".

The independent city of Baltimore is the largest city in the American state of Maryland. It is regarded as a "city of neighborhoods" with over 300 identified districts in the area.

This vibrant city, located on an idyllic harbor, is continuously growing and expanding, with new attractions and activities emerging all the time. Built on tradition and civic pride, Baltimore maintains its maritime heritage, which is evident through the historical buildings that line the city's streets.

Baltimore is a fairly large city, so the best way to explore it is with a hire car. There are several locations within and around the city from which you can pick up your rental car, then it is up to you where and what you want to explore first.

To get you started, here are a few ideas of the best places to go:

1. Inner Harbor

Known as the "crown jewel" of Baltimore, the scenic and waterfront district of Inner Harbor is the must-see hot spot of the region. Home to dozens of retail stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and attractions, you are sure to be entertained from the moment you get here. The street entertainers will also help with this, with one around every corner.

Get on the harbor in a paddle boat or cruise boat and discover the cultural and festival atmosphere from a new and different perspective. The fun and festive atmosphere hangs in the area and will get you into the spirit of fun and celebration in no time at all!

2. National Aquarium: Baltimore

For your ultimate marine experience, a trip to the National Aquarium of Baltimore is in order. There isn't a great deal of parking here, but you will easily find a space to park your rental car, just down the road at one of the downtown garages. Once you enter the aquarium, the best way to go about the tour is start of small and work your way up.

Start by exploring the sample of marine life from the local waters and gradually make your way to the monsters of the deep, the sharks, rays and other large creatures.

Apart from the exquisite marine animals, you should also take some time to experience the other exhibitions that the aquarium prides itself on. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the new 4-D Immersion Theater, experience Australia's most unique at "Animal Planet Australia" and take some time out to watch the cute and clever dolphins at play.

Whichever tickles your fancy, you are sure to find it here!

3. Fell's Point

The historic waterfront community of Fell's Point is a long-time favorite for those young and young at heart. This heritage-rich area of ​​Baltimore is home to a quaint collection of stores and boutiques, offering an abundance of antiques and souvenirs.

There is also a charming collection of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, which will help make your visit here a memorable one.

The attractions and activities that Fell's Point offers are almost endless. Be brave and take a ghost tour or visit the maritime museum to gain a clearer understanding of the city's history. A walking tour will broaden your understanding even further and taking a spin on a boat on the harbor will be a fun and exhilarating experience. Fell's Point is the ideal place to discover the days gone by of the amazing city of Baltimore.

4. Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is a historic point of interest, most famously known for its role in the "Battle of Baltimore". This seemingly unbreakable fort was built by Frenchman, Jean Foncin and was hereafter named after James McHenry. This fort defended the Baltimore Harbor in times of war and stopped a British advance into the city. It remains a National Monument and Historic Shrine, open to the public all year round.

This is definitely one site that you should add to your Baltimore itinerary!

5. The Baltimore Heritage Walk

Discover four centuries of American history and take the Baltimore Heritage Walk. This 5 kilometer walking tour connects 20 historic sites and museums. It spans across four of Baltimore's neighborhoods, including Inner Harbor, Little Italy, Historic Jonestown and the city center. Highlights of the tour would have to the USS Constellation Museum, World Trade Center and the Civil War Museum. You may choose to take a guided tour or a self-guided walk.

Make sure you find good parking and your time limit is not restricted. This will give you the opportunity to explore the trail to its fullest and take in all that is has to offer!

The city of Baltimore is the highlight of the state of Maryland. Be sure to put it at the top of your list for your next driving holiday and you will not be sorry that you did!

Source by Chrissy Barton

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