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Famous Peruvian Women

There are few famous Peruvian women, because of the fact that many other countries do not share the same ideas as to what constitutes a famous person. One woman that has went beyond these stereotypes is Kina Malpartida, a boxer. Born in 1980, she is in the super featherweight division of boxers, and stands only five foot eight inches tall. Her name in the ring is Dinamita, and she currently lives in the US in California for her career. Born in Lima, Peru she is an icon to women everywhere in Peru.

Silvana Arias was born in 1977 in Lima and is an actress who also has a fashion design degree. She began her career as an actress in a series on television in Peru before becoming known in the US. She was on the NBC soap opera Passions as character Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald and decided to leave when the show moved to DirecTV. As of this time she is working as character Veronica Jessica Murillio in a show called Perro Amor.

Susana Baca is yet another famous Peruvian woman, who became a singer of Afro-Peruvian descent. She was a key person in the revival of her music in Peru, which was prior to her work, largely unrecognized. Now a major part of the culture, she has made many steps towards the recognition and popularity of her music. Her album released in 1995 offered a song called Maria Lando and was also released by Luaka Bop, a record label owned by David Byrne who was the front man for Talking Heads.

Sofia Mulanovich Aljovin was born in 1983 in Lima and is a surfer. She was the first ever female surfer from Peru to win the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour. She was inducted into the hall of fame for surfers in the 10th anniversary celebration and is the first South American to ever have the honor.

With all the talent that abounds from Peruvian women, there is no wonder so many men choose Latina marriages. Not only are many of these famous women talented, but all are beautiful in their own rights. Offering athletic bodies, voices worth swooning over and skills unmatched by others, these women are charismatic and each woman in Peru offers attributes of the same. Many of the most beautiful women have came from Peru, as 12 beauty queens have been from the area. In 1989, Mrs. World was won by Lucila Boggiano de Zoeger, and in 2004 Miss World was won by Maria Julia Mantilla, two of the most beautiful women in the world from Peru.

Not only does Peru offer many tourist attractions, but some of the most beautiful and talented women in the Americas. Latina women are strong and independent but very affectionate and caring. Always dedicated to home and their relationships, Peruvian women are easy to please and quick to please their mates.

Source by Joe Lindsey

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