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Filmmaking – Stages and Techniques

A film or movie is a form of entertainment which entertains people by portraying a story using sounds, digital effects and sequence of images. The most important part of the film is the characterization. On watching a film, most of us tend to get involved with the character and the story of the film. A film is produced by recording images through camera or by creating images through various animation techniques.

Steps involved in film making in Vancouver:

1. Film making starts with the preparation of concept for the film. A concept or an idea is considered to be the foundation over which the story (building) needs to be developed.

2. After fixing a concept in your mind, you have to develop the story by writing script with dialogues. The story shall be depicted in pictorial forms (using diagrams and pictures), so that each and every scene can be communicated easily to the crew members.

3. Now with your script, you have to seek the help of certain companies to finance for your film. The company shall decide to finance for the movie after listening to the script. Then select the persons to play specific characters in your movie (be focused while selecting the cast and crew members for the film).

4. Look out for locations. Location should suit the particular scene.

5. Schedule the timings for each and every scene and organize them. Giving away the call sheets.

6. There are various costly equipments available in Vancouver and BC, and the equipments for film making can be selected based on the budget of the film.

To begin your career as a film maker in Vancouver, it is necessary to get trained in some film school which teaches your valuable techniques in film making. Only, when you get proper training, it is possible for you to survive in this field. This is one field which keeps developing day by day and there is no recession for this industry, wherever they go, they could survive. This field offers you with a variety of jobs. Making a film is not a simple one, it includes screenwriting, producing, directing, acting, editing and so on. The film school offers many diploma and certificate courses in filmmaking.

The following are the stages in filmmaking:

1. Development
2. Pre-production
3. Production
4. Post-production
5. Distribution

Is filmmaking an income or expenditure?

– Making a film require lots of efforts, here a huge amount of money is spent and the films are taken with a hope, that it might fetch more profit in the future.

– People give good response to nice story. On the whole, filmmaking is a beneficial one.

– Altogether, expending in the present might fetch you more profit in the future.

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