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Inside the Vancouver Canucks Dressing Room!

Well…let me be the first to say that showering at Richmond Ice Centre just DON’T CUT IT anymore!  Couple of images below to allow everyone to become really aquainted with the everyday locker room set up of a beer league hockey player. 

RIC Crapper...                  RIC Changeroom

Now…I’m not complaining…we don’t ask for much, really.  Just a night or two off from regular family and life duties…couple of pops…few laughs with the team.  But at some point we need to start getting REAL here…WE pay the ticket price to not only watch professional athletes, but SUPPORT them.  We put their kids through (the best available) school…help buy their (armani) clothes, put (Morton Steak House) meals on their tables…and despite all this, we fund locker rooms that allow them to feel like the royalty we’ve set up!  Boy, long gone are the days of stiching up players on wooden crates in cold, dark, dank locker rooms.  What if some of the ticket prices went back to the community, where changerooms could be well…just a wee bit more glamourous? 

Yeah, I know…never gonna happen so keep dreaming.  Well, seeing what the Canucks (and some media heads) get to hang in, what’s wrong with a little fantasy every now and then?  Enjoy!

Vancouver Canucks Locker Room


Remember your locker room at the local rink when you were a kid…yeah, the one that had a goalie stick paddle chained to the key so no one would run off with it?

Or your locker room for your junior team…the one that finally made you feel like your were big time? Or your college room…depending where you were, it was a complete dump or the Taj Mahal?

Well, forget everything you thought a locker room was and check out the revamped room belonging to the Vancouver Canucks. We just came across the pics…they were actually released last September.  We apologize if they are old news to some of you, but I am sure they are worth a second look.  Welcome to the SHOW!

Canucks Changing Room


Excuse me, where’s my stall?


Any Bud Lights in those coolers?


This is where you park your wheels


Mine has to be around here somewhere…




Make yourself at home in the kitchen


Relax in the lounge


Hop online and order your PondRocket gear before the game!


This where you put on the foil


Another view of the training room


A tour wouldn’t be complete without a dip in the hot tub…where’s Snookie?


Now go and grab a real shower, and be sure to wear your sandals!

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