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Punjabi newspaper "The Times of Punjab" is the best source of Punjabi news

The Times of Punjab is a USA based Punjabi Newspaper in which you can find latest and updated Punjabi News of political, sports, entertainment. Read Punjabi news updates on politics, sports, bollywood, business, fashion, health, Punjabi films, hindi films, national and international news. The punjabi newspaper “The Times of Punjab” get published from simultaneously from USA and Canada is distributed in California, Texas, Washington, surrey, Vancouver and other states of North America.

The website of Punjabi Newspaper The Times of Punjab is fully in punjabi and there is no need of special punjabi fonts to view the site. 100% of the site is in punjabi and covers the latest news in punjabi. With the help of internet you can read latest news in The Times of Punjab Punjabi Newspaper. This Punjabi newspaper mostly read by Punjabi People because TOP newspaper publish in Punjabi language. Punjabi Newspaper The Times of Punjab is an online complete source for Punjabi News and views in Punjabi. You can find Punjabi every day news, articles and many more in the times of Punjab Punjabi newspaper online edition. The Times of Punjab provides daily updates of punjabi news Headlines from various punjabi news sources.

Punjabi News
has become the most popular choice after Hindi because it reaches out to the masses at all levels. Since, Punjabi is the frontrunner when it comes to the number of people who understand it and use it. Punjabi newspaper has the upper hand because almost population in punjab speaks Punjabi, the official language of Punjab. Newspapers are considered an important medium for delivering genuine information about local, national and international associations. People cannot visualize having their morning coffee without checking out the latest news, views and recent affairs.

There are many punjabi paper and punjabi websites, some of them are in the form of image, text, flash, PDF format. The Times of Punjab is also in the format of JPG Image and text format. The Times of Punjab is working in the field of Punjabi Newspaper, paper and portals from the last five years to provide a good communication about Punjabi News in India and all over world. The Purpose of The Times of Punjab is to improve production of Punjabi news and punjabi newspaper. The Times of Punjab choose Punjabi language for their Punjabi Newspaper because this language is very easy to understand.

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