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Reasons Not to Use Corporate Values

Although a corporate value system can be of strong guidance, there are of course reasons to not use such a "system."

First of all any system requires a procedure to follow. This requires monitoring and compliance and if the both are left out the system will not work properly. Often the malfunctioning of the system is blamed, but is that fair?

How hard is it to use a value system? A corporate value system is a way to communicate values ​​to existing and new employees and to other partners. It is like a code of conduct but more directed to organizing activities.

However, A chain (reaction) of people not using it will make the system obsolete. If the chain starts with higher management by not giving the right example, the credibility will hurt the system.

Then, a corporate value system is not the only management system (logically) and it can conflict with other management systems. For example a value system designed and agreed to cooperate and a remuneration system that is based on individual performance.

Another problem of a corporate value system is its image. The image of – more sacred than the pope. If you observe the Tour the France (doping and cheating), and Formula 1 (Spying on rivals) you can imagine that companies are human, and in human behavior the few bad rule over the many good. So values ​​will not help you there.

If the system is not credibly supported in the whole organization it will be of no use and please show as list on the internet only; for the visitor who is interested …

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