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Sailing in Croatia – The Best Way to Go?


Many parts of the Dalmatian coast are unspoilt. So sailing in Croatia is the best way to absorb your surroundings. This article discusses the options available for sailboat charters and the reasons behind them.


There are around one thousand four hundred islands, that make up the archipelago that runs parallel to the coastline. The Kornati National Park is made up of one hundred of those islands. The fauna and flora is maintained in pristine conditions. You can certainly escape into a world of outstanding beauty. The islands offer a paradise from yesteryear.


Due to the clement Mediterranean climate, much of Croatia's medieval past is preserved. There are narrow, cobbled alleyways that lead into main squares. Hilltop forts that provide stunning vistas over the sea and islands.

Colorful, best describes the past for this lovely country. The Romans, Venetians, Christians and Austrians, have, over time molded the architecture and culture of what is now Croatia.

Getting On The Water From Croatia

There are five principle ports that act as starting points for chartering:


Depending on which parts of the country you would like to see. The range of sailboats on offer is growing and there are choices:


The gapping hole in the list is of course Gulet; As you know the iconic vessel of the region. Offering an even more authentic feel to your charter!

The Croatia Rally

Begins at the end of August and sails for two weeks. The rally is organized through dedicated chartering companies. If having a planned route and friendly racing between destinations grabs your attention, then this might be for you!

A lay day is planned every other day. Allowing crews to admire the marvelous sights and sounds on offer. The races are for the most part short. The Emphasis is on enjoying the moment – having a good time.

Having the planning done for you could be the breath of fresh air you need! From hotels booked at either end of the rally to evening meals and prize giving! The clincher is this: The rally provides sailors with an in depth approach and knowledge of the culture in Croatia. All the beauty spots, whether hidden or not are planned into the itinerary. Plus if your Dufour 44 develops any maintenance issues, then the rally engineer is on hand to fix it!


You have the choice to admire Croatia your way. Doing all your route planning and scheduling can be thrilling! Not following a set itinerary and being spur of the moment, is attractive too! But either way, if the idea of ​​the rally is appealing, then get involved! Or you could pinch the Itinerary! and do it your way!

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