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Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Thing To Do

From the figure skating to the bob sledding, from the ice hockey, to the ski jumping, there is nothing quite like being there to witness the winter Olympic games. This coming year, it’s going to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and we’ve got you covered. After all, you’re not traveling to Vancouver just to see the Olympics, but also to see the city. So, here’s a few cool things you can do while you’re in town for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics:

Scuba Diving

You may not believe it, given that this is Canada, but Vancouver sports some of the best scuba diving on the planet. You can take a dip in the icy cold waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland where you’ll see some amazing marine life such as wolf eel and octopus. In addition, you can admire the coral park in Deep Cove and Whytecliff Park near Horseshoe Bay. Or check out the Sunshine coast, with a  jagged coastal fjord which will provide a challenge for even the best divers. There are even a few shipwrecks that you can explore while you’re in town for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and looking for things to do.  

White Water Rafting

Are you ready for some real fun? Not for the faint of heart, white water rafting is available on the Thompson, Nahaltatch, Squamish, Elaho and Chilliwack Rivers. Be sure to dress for the occasion, in bathing suits and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. Also, follow the instructions of your guides as you rush down the river. White water may look fun and it is, but it is also dangerous if you don’t follow the rules.

Granville Island
If you’re here with kids for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and looking for things to do, then you should definitely check out this amazing place. It was created in 1979 from what once was industrial wasteland under the Granville Bridge but today, it’s a paradise for tourists, who come from near and far to admire the beauty that is Granville Island.
You can sample fresh fudge or warm donuts in the Public Market, a kind of farmers market for tourists or wander among the houseboats and ask the people who live there what it’s like to live on the water all the time. For the kids, you can check out Kids Market, which is a colorful building filled with shops selling all kinds of cool handmade toys, many of them done by local artists. Not to mention clothing for your young one.
Whatever it is that you’re looking to do in Vancover at the 2010 Olympics, this city has it all and it’s all for you.

Source by Chuck White

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