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The Vancouver Canucks is widely known as the professional National Hockey League NHL ice hockey team Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For a long period of 18 Years i.e., From 1980 to 1998, Vancouver Canucks was in the Ownership of Mr.Arthur Griffiths Jr who was a local business and philanthropist. However, the circumstances forced him to sell his major shares of Canucks as He was more involved in constructing a wonderful GM Place which consumed most of his financial resources. The American billionaire John McCaw bought the majority of shares of Canucks from Arthur Giffiths Jr.

Aquilini Investment Group of Vancour also showed interest in Vancouver Canucks and the Leader of the Aquilini Investment Group was successful in purchasing 50% share in the franchise and General Motors Place sports arena on the 17th of November, 2004. Aquilini still holds the remaining 50% share which he obtained of the franchise and General Motors Place from John McCaw. However, In January 2005, Aquilini had to face some difficult time when his old business partners, Tom Gagliardi and Ryan Beedie, filed a lawsuit against Aquilini and OrcaBay, the group that at present owns the Canucks. Gagliardi and Beedie complained of the bad faith of Aquilini and OrcaBay and not extending their help when Aquilini and Orca Bay brokered their deal, in spite of Aquilini having had to pull out of his partnership with Gagliardi and Beedie to acquire the team due to financial causes.

The History of Canucks shows that they strived hard in selecting a Single Logo and making an acceptable design of Sweaters for their players. They underwent a process of making many logos and designs of the Sweaters from time to time. One of the team’s first sweaters which are now worn on just the occasional “vintage night” is a blue rink-shaped rectangle with a hockey stick in it. This sweater was designed by Joe Borovich of North Vancouver. An adaptation of the same logo is in use till now, as a shoulder patch on the team’s existing jerseys, along with team’s modern colors.

In 1970’s, Some revolutionary changes were made in order to give a new look to the Team which resulted in the the most controversial appearance of the team in the history. The design of the Sweaters was the matter of great controversy.The new sweaters consisted of a huge yellow, orange, and black striped “V” dropping down from the shoulders. Some considered the New designed Sweaters as the best one whereas some rejected the new Designs as the worst sweaters.

As far as Logo is concerned, It was based on the word “Canucks” in a diagonal angle is actually part of the blade of a skate. The logo has almost a laser-like design, was at times mentioned as the “Star Wars” logo, or, even the “Downward Skate”. In order to give the death blow to these controversies, some fundamental changes were made in the design of the Sweaters and the Logos in 1989. The yellow home jerseys were fragmented for more conventional white ones; in addition the triangular shoulder stripes that decked the post-“V” jerseys were discarded simultaneously. The new design was worn from 1989 to 92, when finally a subtle change was done. The red took place else than orange, plus the deep ‘gold’ color was altered to a brighter yellow.The present logo is an orca, bursting through cracked ice, making the shape of a “C”. This is most likely a reference to Orca Bay, a name of the company which owns the team.

It is worth mentioning here that the name “Canuck” is not a part of current logo of the Canucks. Canuck is a used as a slang word for a Canadian similar to “Yankee” is for an American. Anyhow the team’s name is originally derived from Johnny Canuck. It was a 19th century Canadian Cartoon that was several times reincarnated throughout the 20th century. Johnny Canuck symbol was also on the very first Vancouver Canucks logo.

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