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A Tour Of Haunted Places In Vancouver

Have you ever wanted to see a ghost? (or is it just us??) Well we braved the forces with Chris Palliser to see what we could find in these spooooky, haunted spots around Vancouver. Just watch and maybe you’ll see one!

5. Stanley Park
Babes in the Woods
Spooky Factor: 3
Unknown to many, the Babes in the Woods case is one of Vancouver’s most twisted unsolved mysteries about 2 little boys who were murdered by their mother. She took them into the woods with a hatchet and came out alone. A Park Ranger found the boys 6 years later, covered in a fur coat, but the mom was never found.

4. Waterfront Station
1920s Dancers and Headless Brakemen
Spooky Factor: 5
Waterfront Station was home to many parties and celebrations back in its day, with laughter and fun. Now, guards can hear footsteps and laughter, but no one around. There was also a Brakeman that slipped on a rainy night, onto the tracks and couldn’t get up before the oncoming train made it. On a rainy night, check out the tracks and see if you can see his lantern.

3. Deadman’s Island
All of the Ghosts lie here
Spooky Factor: 7
When we say ‘all the ghosts’ roam Deadman’s Island, we’re not exaggerating. Back when Vancouver wasn’t quite yet the metropolis city that it is now, Deadman’s Island was used as a burial ground to almost every type of death. The Chinese, the Natives, the victims of the Great Fire, the victim of all illnesses. Most are believed to still be there.

2. Hotel Vancouver
The Lady in Red
Spooky Factor: 8
The iconic Hotel Vancouver is home to Jennie Pearl Cox – more commonly known as the Lady in Red. She was a beloved socialite that hung out at all the coolest parties, especially at the Hotel. Her favorite floor was the 14th, which just happens to be the ‘Royal Floor’ so in addition to being super friendly, she also has great taste.

1. The Old Spaghetti Factory
A conductor, a little boy, a little man and a motherless girl
Spooky Factor: 10+
You can have your lunch with maybe more company than you thought. Stories from this place are all the same, so we know they’re legit! A conductor that comes and yells at everyone in the train car (maybe he’s just having a bad day?). a little boy that runs around and hides under tables, a short man in red that plays in the girl’s bathroom (do you blame him?) and a little girl that asks for her mom and then disappears. Who knows where she goes??


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