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Allen Stone – Brown Eyed Lover (Live at Sound Emporium)

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Written and Performed By:
Steven “Swatty” Watkins – Keys
Jason “Sourdough” Holt – Drums
Tyler Carrol – Bass
Trevor Larkin – Guitar

Directed by Mike Reuther

I’ve got a brown eyed lover on the other side of town
I don’t wanna keep her waiting
She’s got me upside tongue tied twisted all around
I don’t wanna keep her waiting

I don’t know
I cant tell
will this last
or just
come and go
it came
so fast
my feet feel cold
but my mind is for sure
and my heart remains

She’s got everything you’d want
wardrobe bought at the thrift shop
all my friends adore her
She reminds me of my mother
she wonders how my day went
and don’t care about my paychecks
well i don’t want to keep my baby waiting

let me think
what if she
finds a man
who’s got so much
more time for her
than me on
his hands
that don’t make sense
why would she wait so long
just to run away

oh well she’s got everything you’d want
and she lets me pick the restaurants
oh and all my friends adore her
and i can still afford her
she wishes I’d stop worrying
about where my next paycheck is
well I don’t wanna keep my baby waiting


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