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Baby’s First Space Mission in Vancouver Canada’s Immersive Planetarium

We brought our baby to Vancouver Canada’s MOST Immersive Planetarium to send her, on her first Space Mission to Outer Space! H.R. MacMillan Space Center is Vancouver’s World Class Planetarium and we’re exploring the exhibits in this video along with its sister museum, the Museum of Vancouver. Best City Tours in Vancouver:

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Our names are Nat and Max and we are Canadian travel content creators that live life to the fullest and film on every corner of it. With a love for travel and new experiences, we explore this beautiful world we live in while sharing information with you for when you experience it yourselves.

00:00 Intro – What are we doing in this video?
00:37 The Cutest Bakery in Vancouver
01:05 Butter Baked Goods
02:08 Best Breakfast Ever!
03:24 That RARE Vancouver Snow Day
04:41 Entering the Museum of Vancouver
05:17 Low Sensory Sundays
05:27 Ticket prices for the Museum of Vancouver
05:58 Discovering a new part of the city of Vancouver
08:04 Skylar’s Update: She’s taking over the vlog
08:50 Going back in time at the Museum of Vancouver
09:19 The 1950s Gallery
10:02 Are there restaurants in the Museum of Vancouver?
10:31 Going to Space! H.R. Macmillan Space Center
11:31 Vancouver’s ONLY Planetarium – H.R. Macmillan Space Center
12:11 Interactive Exhibits in Vancouver’s Space Center
12:48 Fun Fact: The Dome of this Building
13:29 Science Shows in Vancouver’s H.R. MacMillan Space Center
14:34 Most Immersive Experience at H.R. MacMillan Space Center


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