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Chemainus to Ladysmith Town in BC Canada – Vancouver Island Driving Tour. Free Jazz Abuse.

It’s that special time of the month when I post all those lovely comments that people write.

zuzu1957 • 4 hours ago
Horrible music

Jamie Remus • 4 hours ago
Nice video…needs new soundtrack. 😉

Furce1t Nine • 1 day ago
Music is annoying

Rick Bennett • 14 minutes ago
Nice, precious tour of village. Great to see it again. Music is terrible, and I like jazz.

Oleg Sobolev • 9 minutes ago
what a terrible music. You will hit the list of disgusting videio chart.

Veronica Jackson • 32 minutes ago
turned music off doesn’t suit the video at all

Borok Gorõn • 6 hours ago
I had to mute the video to watch it. It was giving me creeps eeeekk!

Friends Forever • 14 hours ago
Leave music out next time geezer.

Wide Awake • 5 hours ago
Too bad you filmed at that time of year. Summer and fall is when it’s true beauty, open shops and fantastic buskers brings it alive. I couldn’t finish watching because of that ear assaulting noise in the background trying to pass for music.

Jesee Karani • 19 minutes ago
We’d like to hear the background nature sound.eliminate music next round please.a like for this.

Robert Koziel • 3 hours ago
Such a positive great video , but this music is really…….😪

JYN M • 7 hours ago
Seriously with the music though:/

Affonso Luiz Rubiao • 14 hours ago
Bonita e organizada essa cidade mas o fundo musical é pavoroso,horrível.

Affonso Luiz Rubiao • 14 hours ago
Uma bela cidade mas o fundo musical está mais para um enterro.

JYN M • 1 minute ago
PLEASE change the music! So sorry but I dread watching your videos or have to watch with the sound off, which loses its appeal:/ I don’t mean to be rude…

guilherme gusso • 13 minutes ago
Sounds like an horror movie, damn!

We start this drive in the small community of Chemainus. By the end of the video, we are in the town of Ladysmith.

You’re listening to Free Jazz from Vancouver.

Music Program: Logic –
Keyboard: M-Audio – (


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