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Cherry Blossom Trees, Vancouver – Dashcam Tour #21

April 2017 – Xplore BC Road Tour #21 – Cherry Blossom Trees, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (A119S Dash Cam)
Over 43,000 Cherry Blossom Trees are planted throughout the city, these larger flowered trees bloom in late spring, April 20 to 30. eXplore our eXpanding collection of walking tour videos and dashcam road tours taken in and around beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, highlighting the scenery, parks, neighbourhoods and tourist destinations. Follow along on the sightseeing GPS Map to identify routes and locations. Slow down the pace with our extended walkabout tours of must see hotspots. Venture off the path and eXplore the hidden sights and sounds of Vancouver in all seasons from spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter.

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