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Crossing the Border: RVing Québec City Canada

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ℹ️ About the Episode:
This is the season premiere for Nova Scotia and things are off to a great start as we make our way from where we left off last week in South Carolina and make it across the border into Canada. We’ve always wanted to visit Quebec City and now we know what all the hype is about. Quebec City is a stunning city we loved being immersed in the history and language. If you’re wondering why we didn’t visit Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto… stay tuned. We had reservations in Nova Scotia that we wanted to keep and if all goes to plan, we’ll make a second stop to Quebec City on our way out and then visit make more stops on our way to the Midwest this summer. You’re likely aware of the fires in Nova Scotia as it was international news and creative major visibility issues even in New York City. We mentioned in last week’s episode that we learned to “go anyway” unless it’s unsafe. That turned out to be the right decision because not only are the first under control, but the visibility is nearly back to normal. We’ve really enjoyed our time in Canada so far and we can tell already this is going to be a great season with stunning shots of the diverse landscape. This season, we’re even more focused on tours and guides to tap into the local knowledge of others that we can pass along to you! In our season recap, we’ll share our entire route, the campgrounds we booked, cost, fuel and other relevant expenses that might help you plan you’re trip to Nova Scotia.

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