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INSANE 24-Hour FOOD Tour in Vancouver, Canada

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I only had one day to explore Vancouver, Canada after an epic adventure on Vancouver Island trekking wolves for a week.

Thankfully, my friends Jimmy and Jackie Lama helped me make the most of it with an epic Vancouver Food Tour around the city!

It was so much fun trying some of the best places to eat in Vancouver, and I am quickly falling in love with this city (even with all the rain).

Here’s the order of our Vancouver food tour:

Granville Island Public Market – A sprawling food market in the heart of Vancouver with a million places to eat, and an amazing selection of cuisines to try!

Lee’s Donuts – A Vancouver institution, Lee’s Donuts are the best way to start a Vancouver Food Tour!

Sport on Davie – Come for brunch and stay for the ridiculously HUGE Bloody Caesar’s. Sport on Davie is a great bar with lots of fun games and big TVs. The food is delicious and the staff is very friendly!

JapaDog – A weird and wonderful fusion between Japanese and American flavors. JapaDog started out as a food truck in downtown Vancouver and they have now expanded to multiple locations.

Tom Sushi – It is said that outside of Japan, Vancouver is the best place for sushi in the world. There are so many best places to eat Sushi in Vancouver and Tom Sushi is one of them!

Ramen Gojiro – Just like Sushi, the Ramen culture in Vancouver is very strong! If you want a massive bowl of tonkotsu ramen, come to Ramen Gojiro – they have multiple ramen locations in Vancouver.


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