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P!nk – Secrets (Beautiful Trauma World Tour, Vancouver)

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Secrets: 0:48

This is one of the routines that in some ways is the most impressive of the entire set, not only because she does some insane aerial acrobatics, but she does it all WITHOUT ANY SAFETY NET! It is such a potentially dangerous ‘stunt’ that she actually had to stop the song just as it was getting started on the second night because there was something wrong with the ropes. She then restarted the song from the beginning. In my eyes it was actually a very cool thing to see, because it showed how in control she was over every aspect of the show, including, and especially, the safety of everyone involved. She told the audience that she didn’t screw around and that she loved her life. It was a very honest, real, raw, and powerful statement and only made her seem even more down to earth and sensible. She can sense better than anyone when something is potentially dangerous. That was the second night however. This night it went off without a hitch. I also believe them switching up ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ for ‘Hustle’ could have thrown things off that second night as well, as it was the first time they had ever done it and it was right before ‘Secrets’. My guess is it was sorta a late decision to switch songs.

This is P!nk performing her song ‘Secrets’ live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC on April 5th, 2019, during the Beautiful Trauma World Tour.


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