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The West Coast Trail Vancouver Island Tours – Call Coastal Bliss For The Best Hikes In BC

The West Coast Trail Vancouver Island Tours – Call Coastal Bliss For The Best Hikes In BC
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West Coast Trail Canada – Best Vancouver Island Hiking Trail

The West Coast Trail Vancouver Island, one of the best hikes in BC, is full of adventure and magic moments. Coastal Bliss Adventures hiking tours cover the details for you. Everyone needs to prepare physically for their hiking adventure on the West Coast Trail. Instead of dividing your time organizing transportation, food, and safety gear, you can spend your time on the physical training for this world class, strenuous trail by letting Coastal Bliss Adventures take care of the logistics. Coastal Bliss takes you from Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island to the West Coast Trail trailhead, prepares you fully for your hiking tours with what to bring, and how to train. Coastal Bliss feeds you, assists you, and gives you those extra, special moments that make your hiking tour a lasting memory. We show what is unique about the west coast BC, and how to travel on Vancouver Island trails.

Other hikers on Vancouver Island hiking trails are jealous of the food that Coastal Bliss professional guides prepare and serve on the trail. You will eat well with Coastal Bliss-we don’t serve just dried food. We can also cater to special diets on our hiking tours.

Local knowledge is critical for having the best experience hiking Vancouver Island. Our guides know the coastal hikes like the back of their hands and keep the hike interesting by taking you past some of the most scenic places, camping in some of the best spots, and filled with the lore of the area on our hiking tours. If you want the best experience hiking the West Coast Trail, take a guided hiking tour. Call now.

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