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Tour a High-Tech Luxury Mansion in Miami

TOUR this high-tech luxury mansion in Miami. This one of a kind, ultra luxury, high-tech custom home was just completed by Jomed Construction in one of Miami’s most exclusive neighborhoods. This jaw dropping home is filled with custom finishes, smart home technology, and everything that you could want to achieve the ultimate home lifestyle.

This video was captured over a two year process, from the beginning of the construction process to the beautiful finished product of this Luxury Mansion in Miami, Florida!

This exclusive tour of one of Miami’s most luxurious smart homes, nestled in its most prestigious neighborhood. From stunning designer details to a fully automated home experience, we leave no stone unturned!

We will highlight the construction process, showcasing the finest elements like the imported onyx fireplace, fully retractable windows, a pool fit for a resort, and integrated smart home technology.

Be able to discover seamless design integrations, like invisible speakers and a hidden control center that governs the entire house’s lighting and shades. Step into the designer’s dream of a master bath with a leathered finish countertop and experience the comfort of a kitchen custom-made for this home.

It does stop there… Explore the outdoors with a stunning pool, a perfect spot for entertaining equipped with an outdoor TV, all perfectly automated. Join us as we continue to bring you the best of luxury living in South Florida!

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Entry Way
1:53 Living Room
2:25 Integrated Smart Home Technology
2:45 Kitchen & Dining Area
4:26 Elevator
4:37 Upstairs Living Area
4:49 All-in-One Home Controller
5:57 Ioty- Smart Living Made Easy
6:31 Master Bedroom
7:18 Master Bathroom
8:44 Details of Stairs
9:09 Backyard
10:18 What was YOUR favorite part of this project?
10:38 Thank You to the Homeowners!
10:48 Thank you Jomed Construction and Ioty!
10:58 Conclusion- Subscribe and Follow @FLHomeShows

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