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Vancouver rain walk in Koreatown & Korean supermarket tours – 4k60 walking video (narrated)

What’s up walkers? I hope you’re all doing well! I’m in Vancouver (heading back to Toronto soon) but had a fun time while here. Meeting with family, and went on a fishing trip with a good friend who showed me around Mayne Island.

This is a 4k video filmed on September 17 2021 in Metro Vancouver’s Koreatown area. it’s in the general area of Lougheed Highway and North Road. There was a lot of rain ( Surprise surprise Vancouver weather lol)

I walked a lot of plazas in the area, and toured the inside of a couple Korean Supermarkets. I also had a look inside Lougheed Mall as well.

The weather stated that they were expecting between 55mm and 80 mm of Vancouver rain on the day I did this walk, and it definitely did rain constantly. Although I had an umbrella, my shoes were still soaked through.

Thanks for watching!

Vancouver walk – rain walk TIMESTAMP

00:50 -Lougheed skytrain station and pan around by highrise construction
2:00 – East on Lougheed Highway
3:50 – White Spot Drive in Car hop
6:06 – under skytrain tracks at lougheed Highway and North road
6:48 – walking in plaza #1
10:20 – North Rd and Rochester St
11:28 – Plaza #2
16:50 – Entering Hannam Supermarket
19:10 – Entering K-Town Mall
23:05 – TransCanada Highway info
25:22 – Plaza #3 Hannim Village
29:07 – Entering H-Mart supermarket
29:42 – Lingcod in the store – So many lingcods for me in the last weekend!!!
30:53 – Hot table/counter order area
33:10 – North on North Rd
34:10 – Plaza #4
36:11 – Crossing Lougheed Highway to go to Plaza #5
38:30 – walking up the hill on North Rd and seeing the highrises under construction
40:45 – Greasy breakfast restaurant – Al Bundy Approved!
41:12 – Austin Ave and info on Sushi California
43:08 – water river down the hill
43:45 – west on Austin Ave
46:17 – Heading onto property of Lougheed Mall
48:40 – Inside Lougheed Mall and walking inside


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