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What to do in Telegraph Cove | Northern Vancouver Island | Ecotourism Canada

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This weeks video covers all things Telegraph Cove. Telegraph Cove is a small hidden gem, situated on the far northeastern end of beautiful Vancouver Island. It’s famed for its ecotourism, and boasts a postcard waterfront setting which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

We are going to dive into what to do, where to eat and where to stay in this quaint little marina town.

Let’s start with what to do! Telegraph Cove offers a plethora of adventure related excitement. Something for everyone!

1. Sea Kayaking: with the choice of 2 hour, evening, half and full day trips, there’s a great chance you’ll come face to face with some incredible marine life out on the water on a wildlife kayak adventure. North Island Kayak & Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaking Company are two great options to check out!


2. Whale Watching: Prince of Whales offers many options in search of the majestic wildlife that fills the local waters of Telegraph Cove in the summer time. Our sunset whale watching tour was absolutely incredible – over 21 individual orca from 6 different families, and multiple humpbacks (including some breaching!). Make sure to add this amazing experience to your bucket list with Prince of Whales Whale and Marine Wildlife Adventures.

3. Whale Interpretative Centre (WIC): If you love whales, make sure to pop in to the Whale Interpretative Centre – home to one of the best collections of marine mammal skeletons in BC, this venue provides an educational experience in hopes of increasing public awareness about marine mammals and the struggles they face.

4. Grizzly Bear Tours: On a comfortable boat with complimentary breakfast, sit back and enjoy the stunning views of the Broughton Archipelago for a full day as you search for Grizzly & Black bears feeding along the shorelines of the inlet. Check out Tide Rip Grizzly Adventures for all your bear needs!

5. Salmon Fishing Charter: Spend the day out on the beautiful waters of Northern Vancouver Island as you fish for the 5 species of wild pacific salmon. Not only was the fishing exhilarating, we were greeted by incredible wildlife including eagles, harbour seals AND breaching humpback whales. Thanks to Leo for a great day out on the water – make sure to book with Grey Ghost Fishing Charters and Adventure Tours.

Where to eat:

1. The Killer Whale Cafe & Old Saltery Pub: are cherished restaurants on the North Island and offer delicious dishes featuring a variety of local seafood. The ambiance was warm, food was delicious and the decor interestingly showcased historical artifacts making for a great overall experience.
2. The Cove Coffee Company: located at the end of the boardwalk right near Prince of Whales whale watching, the cove coffee company holds the perfect located to enjoy a gourmet coffee and/ or ice cream while soaking in the amazing views of the Johnstone Straight. Keep your eyes peeled for whales!
3. Sally’s Food Bar: Located right at the entrance beside the Telegraph Cove Resort Office, Salley’s offers a variety of warm, fresh baked sweets, breakfast options, wraps, sandwiches, pizzas AND waffles! Enjoy your treats in the heated seating areas or as you stroll through this quaint little town.
4. The General Store: For those who would like to load up on some snacks, basic meal options or a bottle of wine, the General Store has you covered. This is no grocery store, but it does the trick in a pinch!

Where to stay:
1. Telegraph Cove Resort is comprised of a variety of accommodation types, including the historic waterfront cabins, the dockside suits, and the lodge up on the hill.
– The waterfront cabins are unique and have kept their historic charm in memory of the workers and families who once called them home. They are self contained and located right along the boardwalk.
– The dockside suites are a little more modern than the cabins, and have excellent views of the marina.
– Telegraph Cove Lodge is the closest thing to a hotel room in the area, with gorgeous views of Johnstone Straight.
– For those who are interested in more rustic accommodation, the Telegraph Cove RV Park and Forest RV Campground are great nearby options!

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