A Luxury Train Journey Through South Africa

A luxury train may not be everyone's idea of ​​the perfect way to compliment a South African safari, but for those who know for that romantic and by-gone elegance, a luxury train journey could offer the ultimate in resplendent and regal travel. South Africa's most famous rail journeys are aboard the iconic blue train and along the rovos rail network which transport guests across a wide range of country and offering multiple itineraries.

Conveyed in style and comfort through some of the country's most enamoring and striking landscapes safely and securely and away from the clamor of hectic road travel. A train promises you peace of mind and decidedly more glamorous way to travel. The beauty of a luxury rail journey is that instead of interrupting a more archetypal safari experience, 4x4ing through the undergrowth, it acts as the ideal supplement. What you might not expect from a rail journey, typically rigid and regulatory circumstances, is the incredible flexibility that a luxury train offers.

Both the Blue Train and Rovos Rail offer guests a great deal of choice not only in regards of service but also in relation to timings and routes including tours along the renamed Cape Town to Pretoria route, up to Zambia Falls and along the stunning garden route. Journeys can consist of a shorter one way 27 hour Cape Town to Pretoria (or Pretoria to Cape Town) tour or a more extensive trip which can include a return journey.

Rovos Rail itself consists of two beautifully restored trains which boasts some of the most spacious suites in the world; five star luxury cruising through the South African countryside without interference. Capable of accommodating 72 passengers the trains feature 20 coaches including two luxurious dining carriages, a lounge and observation carriage. Such is Rovos' pursuit of refined and luxurious travel the private company has even built and restored a private central train station and locomotive yard solely for the service.

The Blue train is a symbol of endearing opulence in South Africa, its unmistakable royal blue paintwork gleaming in the sunshine as it coasts through the valleys, savannahs and plains. Kings and presidents have journeyed through South Africa aboard the Blue Train and that air of prestige still clings to it today. Such are the standards attained on board this moving five star hotel that all guest rooms are suites with a selection of luxury and deluxe options available. The glorious wood paneled carriages have been beautifully designed to reflect the glamor of a forgotten age and through the train including the dining and club cart this sense of grandeur is maintained. Each passenger coach enjoys its own private butler who will endeavor to attend to all of the needs and wants of the exclusive clientele you will be part of.

A luxury train journey is a wonderful way to encounter the glory of South Africa and what more befitting way to explore this nation than by traveling with all the pomp and grandeur of a refined rail trip.

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Vietnam – The Unexplored Beauty of South East Asia

Since the year 1990, Vietnam has been growing by leaps and bounds in tourism. The country famous for its scenic beauty is a host to thousands of tourists all over the year. The cultural heritage of Vietnam is also very famous among the tourists. The long history that goes behind the heritage too is very interesting and knowledgeable. The tourists come there to relax in the countryside and enjoy the culture with the locales.

Vietnam is easy to navigate in and around. The country is full of nature's bliss and scenic spots in all of its regions. There are many ways to travel through in Vietnam and you can choose to tour the country in any way you like. There are Cruise ships, Northern side tour, Southern side and the central classic Vietnam tour. You can visit many good places Mekong Delta and Cu chi on the southern side. The exotic scenery too is also heavily influential in the southern part of Vietnam.

"Sapa" is a very good destination if you are looking for touring Vietnam to explore the nation with the spirit of Wanderlust. Sapa tours can be booked online and you can ensure that you will not have to miss out on a single day of nature's delightful beauty and adventure while you have your comfortable stay in Vietnam. The region of Sapa has long been a hub for the cultural meets for many people. The cross cultural influence can be clearly seen in the area's architecture.

Another popular destination in the country of Vietnam is the Mekong valley and the river. The river rafting activities carried out at the valley side are truly satisfying and they give a very joyful experience to the tourists. The Mekong tours, organized all round the year in and around Vietnam are very exhilarating and fascinating. You can take the leisure of enjoying your holidays in this amazing country on the face of the earth. Although the history of Vietnam is dark with the remains from the American war, the country is on the verge of progress. Another good option to enjoy the vast and amazing coastline of Vietnam is via the Halong Bay tours. This region of Vietnam too is worth a discovery and people from all over the world enjoy roaming around and spending their vacation in total relaxation. There is no doubt that that a tour to Vietnam is truly enchanting.

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Take a Pleasant Trip to the Largest City in South Africa, Johannesburg

Johannesburg, usually referred to as "Jo'burg" is the largest and youngest city in South Africa. The city has taken very little time to develop itself into a highly commercial and wealthy region. Johannesburg boasts of having 74 percent of multinational headquarters and is the economic hub of the entire African continent.

The second largest city in Africa has residents accounting to about 3 million. The city is also home to the top four conference centers, with each hosting more than 5000 people! Explore the wonders of Johannesburg and its ravishing tourist spots through Johannesburg travel packages offered by tour operators in the city. Johannesburg is very famous for its museums. There are a whole lot of museums located around the city, including the SA National Museum of Military History, sited near the Johannesburg Zoo. There are other museums like James Hall Museum of Transport in La Rochelle, SA National Railway & Steam Museum, Bensusan Museum of Photography, Bernard Price Institute Palaeontology Museum, Barnberg Fashion Museum, Madiba Freedom Museum, Museum Africa and the most popular Apartheid Museum. A visit to the historical Apartheid Museum will certainly be a powerful and vivid experience. This museum is set out through its graphic portrait of the apartheid theory including film footage, newspaper clippings, artifacts and enlarged photos. The visitors get the feel of the apartheid era as they walk through the museum, which measures approximately 65,000 sq.ft.

The city offers a perfect retreat for adventure lovers. Once you are in Johannesburg, you can go on an African adventure tour package, which includes canoeing, river rafting, micro light flying, game viewing, bird watching, hiking, fly-fishing and mountain biking. Apart from these adventures, you can also choose to visit jewel gardens, nature trails, flora farms, animal farms, bird parks, and take country rides, game drives as well as game walks. The city has a multitude of things in store to entertain its tourists thoroughly and offer them with exciting and enthralling experiences.

Plan your trip to the city to take a break from your hectic lifestyle and have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones by exploring the exotic city of Johannesburg. Travel through cheap flights to Johannesburg and choose any travel package that looks interesting to you. Book your plane tickets online and try to find the cheapest airline ticket through travel sites. There are many airline companies that operate Johannesburg flights that connect the city to many other important cities across the world. So get set to visit Johannesburg to have superb holiday getaway and comprehensively enjoy all the special things the city has to offer and entertain all its tourists.

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Best Vacation Destination in South America

Looking for an exciting new vacation destination? Look no further than Florianopolis, Brazil.

Florianopolis is a charming island located two hours south of the famous Rio de Janeiro. Florianopolis is blessed with 42 beautiful beaches, one more eye pleasing than the next, and with styles and atmospheres to fit every taste imaginable. In addition, the island is blessed with soft white sand dunes, rolling green hills and crystalline lagoons. Truly a nature lover's paradise, one can continuously find new treasures on the island.

Out of island's many beaches, there are over 20 high quality surf breaks, providing almost unlimited choices and variety for visiting surfers, and as such is known as the surf capital of Brazil. The WCT Pro Tour (the highest level surf competition in the world) has only 12 stops around the globe, and the only one in all of South America is in Florianopolis. So if the waves are good enough for Slater, Irons & co., Then that is already a pretty good sign!

In addition to the island's stunning natural beauty, visitors will also be astounded by the amazing dining and nightlife options on the island, some of South America's best, as well as the broad array of outdoor activities available for sporting enthusiasts and fine shopping for the shop -a-holics. Completely safe (unlike Brazil's largest urban mega-centers such as Sao Paulo and Rio), Florianopolis has retained the feel of a sleepy beach town despite being a state capital and having grown quite a bit in its own right after landing on the international radar screen just a few short years ago.

The "magic island" as many refer to it has an uncanny effect of enchanting visitors from around the globe, many of what leave with dreams of coming back – not just to visit, but to live!

Recently named by Newsweek international as one of the world's "top 10 most dynamic cities", Florianopolis truly has something to offer for anyone. So if you're looking for travel ideas, mark this one on the top of the list!

As far as the best ways to see Florianopolis if you're coming from the United States or Europe, consider these two options:

For those interested in full service surf / adventure tours which also include guided nightlife access, the best choice is Nexus Surf. Visit http://www.nexussurf.com .

For those looking for deluxe to high-end accommodations in the best location on the island (remember, there are 42 beaches to choose from, so choose wisely!), Floripa Vacation Homes offers an excellent selection of well-maintained private residences and also provides a number of auxiliary services to complete your stay on the island, including concierge services to help you find exactly what you're looking for in terms of activities, services, dining and nightlife!

For more information, visit http://www.floripavacationhomes.com

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