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Vietnam – The Unexplored Beauty of South East Asia

Since the year 1990, Vietnam has been growing by leaps and bounds in tourism. The country famous for its scenic beauty is a host to thousands of tourists all over the year. The cultural heritage of Vietnam is also very famous among the tourists. The long history that goes behind the heritage too is very interesting and knowledgeable. The tourists come there to relax in the countryside and enjoy the culture with the locales.

Vietnam is easy to navigate in and around. The country is full of nature's bliss and scenic spots in all of its regions. There are many ways to travel through in Vietnam and you can choose to tour the country in any way you like. There are Cruise ships, Northern side tour, Southern side and the central classic Vietnam tour. You can visit many good places Mekong Delta and Cu chi on the southern side. The exotic scenery too is also heavily influential in the southern part of Vietnam.

"Sapa" is a very good destination if you are looking for touring Vietnam to explore the nation with the spirit of Wanderlust. Sapa tours can be booked online and you can ensure that you will not have to miss out on a single day of nature's delightful beauty and adventure while you have your comfortable stay in Vietnam. The region of Sapa has long been a hub for the cultural meets for many people. The cross cultural influence can be clearly seen in the area's architecture.

Another popular destination in the country of Vietnam is the Mekong valley and the river. The river rafting activities carried out at the valley side are truly satisfying and they give a very joyful experience to the tourists. The Mekong tours, organized all round the year in and around Vietnam are very exhilarating and fascinating. You can take the leisure of enjoying your holidays in this amazing country on the face of the earth. Although the history of Vietnam is dark with the remains from the American war, the country is on the verge of progress. Another good option to enjoy the vast and amazing coastline of Vietnam is via the Halong Bay tours. This region of Vietnam too is worth a discovery and people from all over the world enjoy roaming around and spending their vacation in total relaxation. There is no doubt that that a tour to Vietnam is truly enchanting.

Source by Rinku K Sharma

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